Crusader Kings 3 best dutchy buildings. Hello and welcome fellow paradox fans! I have made a specific tier list of all 10 dutchy buildings from best to worst. So, if you are settled and ready, CK3 best dutchy buildings list can start now.

1. Siege Works

ck3 best dutchy building

Dedicated siege works allow the ruler to field and maintain superior-quality siege weapons.

If you are playing as an expansionist ruler, this dutchy building would be the best choice for you. Because it gives siege weapon effectiveness +20% to its holder. You know what that means? Faster siege times, less attrition, less combat, less levy cost, and more conquests!

Having just 50 or 100 siege weapons with this building allows you to siege entire countries in mere months. Therefore making it really OP in CK3 at its current state.

2. Leisure Palaces

ck3 leisure palaces

While staying in one lavishly luxuriant castle is fine, having a few more to choose between never hurts.

Leisure Palaces is the second best dutchy building in my opinion. It has many bonuses like prestige gain, scheme success chance, and control growth. However, the best bonus is +15% stress loss one. Especially if you are constantly tutoring your dynasty members. Because it’s a really stressful thing. Or perhaps your character is greedy or paranoid! These traits simply equals stress and that’s why I avoid them at any cost.

3. Royal Reserves

ck3 royal reserves

A royal forest is a valuable source of wealth, allowing you to override the law of the land in a province, strip rights from the locals, then sell them back. Needless to say, the hunting is also excellent.

Royal reserves always gives its holder solid tax gold per month. In addition it gives development growth which is absolutely amazing for a small dutchy. Therefore making it the best dutchy building for tall gameplays.

In any case, after developing your capital and accumulating some gold, you can always replace it with a military focused dutchy building anyway.

4. Military Academics

ck3 military academies

Dedicated facilities for training officers and knights, improving their efficiency in combat.

This one is an absolute beast for small dukes. Why is that? For number of knights: +2 and knight effectiveness: +25% bonuses of course. In small battles between 1000-2000 men, these bonuses will ensure your triumph in battle!

I like having and managing lots of knights. Both for military power and role playing purposes. So, military academics is one of the good dutchy buildings.

5. Royal Armories

ck3 royal armories

By having the crown provide weapons and armor to its soldiers, more peasants can “volunteer” for the levy.

Royal armories only gives one bonus. And that is +20%, +30%, and +40% levy size for the dutchy. If you control your entire dutchy and build military buildings, royal armories will give you tons of levies. Its all about stacking bonuses baby. With a military focus leader, you can have countless warrior like the Persian god emperor Xerxes.

6. Tax Offices

ck3 tax offices

Collecting money from the peasantry is a “taxing” venture. By assigning offices to a cohort of tax-collecting officials, we are sure to get what’s due!

Tax offices bonuses by the level: +10%, +15%, and +20% holding taxes. Stewardship focus, economy buildings, and tax offices will make you richer than the notorious Jeff Bezos himself!

However, without the correct building setup and bonus stacking, tax offices means nothing like the royal armories.

7. Blacksmiths

ck3 blacksmiths

Smiths in the employ of the crown forge weapons and armor for the royal guard, ensuring a steady supply of superior armaments.

  • Men at arms maintenance: -6%
  • Heavy infantry damage: +5%
  • Heavy infantry toughness: +15%
  • Spearmen damage: +5%
  • Spearmen toughness: +15%

Its bonuses stack with barracks. Obviously it is mandatory for creating infantry CK3 men at arms space marines.

8. Archery Grounds

archery grounds ck3

Dedicated archery range allow the common folk to train with bows, and experienced archers to hone their skills.

  • Men at arms maintenance: -6%
  • Archer damage: +15%
  • Archer toughness: +5%
  • Skirmisher damage: +10%
  • Skirmisher toughness: +5%
  • Skirmisher pursuit: +10%
  • Skirmisher screen: +5%

Can be stacked with military camps for creating killer damage archers.

9. Jousting Grounds

jousting grounds ck3

By having dedicated grounds for jousting, more riders and knights are encouraged to train and join the banners.

  • Men at arms maintenance: -6%
  • Light cavalry damage:
  • Light cavalry toughness:
  • Light cavalry pursuit:
  • Light cavalry screen:
  • Heavy cavalry damage:
  • Heavy cavalry toughness:

Only dutchy building with cavalry men at arms bonuses. Surely this building will enhance your armored horseman.

10. Marches

marches ck3

Marcher lords protect the borders with fortifications and local garrisons.

It grants fort level, garrison size, and defender advantage among couple other insignificant bonuses. Therefore making it the worst dutchy building in the game.


All in all, tier list exists but most of the time these dutchy buildings are situational. So, in order to find the best dutchy building for your country, you should assess your situation. Do you want to play as an expansionist conqueror? Or perhaps you wish to try tall play this time. Do you need gold or levies? It is up to you!

Thank you guys for reading this article. I am waiting your comments on it. Without a doubt our paths will cross again. So, take care for now!

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