Best Hearts of Iron 4 DLCs

Complete guide on which HOI4 DLC to buy which not to buy in 2023.

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Welcome to the list of Best Hearts of Iron 4 DLCs ranked from best to worse! I made this guide so that you buy DLCs that are actually worth buying and save money on the irevelant shitty DLCs.

As I type these lines, Hearts of Iron 4 has 8 DLCs released in total By Blood Alone being the last one. It’ll be about Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Finally! I’ll try to update this article when its released but if I’m late, I want you to know that I can’t wait to get it!


One more thing, in order to play the top tier interesting HOI4 mods, you need to have the DLCs. It sucks but it is what it is.

Here is my personal opinion on DLCs before we start the ranking, don’t ever buy DLCs unless they’re on discount! DLC policy is there to rip you off…

HOI4 DLCs ranked from best to worse:

1. Waking the Tiger


Waking the Tiger is the first real deal expansion that is still up-to-date to this day. It expands the focus tree of Germany, Japan, and China! Without it, you can’t form democratic Germany, imperial Germany, communist Japan, or any other available alternative. It’s actually the alternative history DLC!

But it’s mainly focused on Chinese warlords and their focus trees. You can literally experience a different playthrough with each and every other Chinese warlord. All completely unique.

So, don’t think no more, wake the tiger up!

2. Death or Dishonor


Here is another good DLC that should’ve been free to begin with. Anyways, what does it do? Death of Dishonor DLC introduces new diplomatic and puppet interactions as well as new focus trees for Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia.

Unless you’re a highly skilled player, you can’t make a real difference with any of those countries. So, if you’re not from one of those countries or not really interested in playing with them, don’t buy it.

But yeah, if you’re skilled and want to try something truly unique, you’ll most definitely enjoy the Death or Dishonor DLC. To be honest, the new focus trees are really cool. It increases replayability value of the game too.

3. Together for Victory


Together for Victor is completely focused on the Dominions. New focus trees for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa are welcome additions to the game. Especially worth buying if you like multiplayer co-op.

As a dominion you can stay loyal to England, or switch side for adding some spice to your game.

Of course, there are other additions too for dominions such as technology sharing, autonomy system, land lease improvement, etc.

4. No Step Back


New Soviet, Polish, and Baltic national focuses and bunch of other improvements added with this DLC. But it’s mainly focused on the Soviet Union and Stalin.

With No Step Back DLC, you’ll experience completely different Hearts of Iron 4 experience playing as Soviet Union. Completely new mechanics will literally blow your mind. However, if you’re not interested in playing as Soviet Union, just skip it…

5. Man the Guns


Man the Guns DLC is pretty big, it adds tons of functionalities completely dedicated on naval warfare. However, core mechanics of naval warfare in HOI4 sucks and no DLC can fix it.

Naval warfare is just not effective, therefore not interesting. You just spam submarines and use your ships when you need to pull off a naval invasion. %95 time of the game my ships are docked no matter which country I play. It’s the sad truth.

Another key point is the combined naval power of Allies faction. It renders naval warfare useless because there is no competition.

Only good thing about this DLC are the new alternate history focus trees added to USA and England.

Also, Mexico and The Netherlands finally get their own national focus trees with this DLC.

6. Battle for the Bosporus


I was really excited for this DLC but it turned out to be a disappointment. Battle for the Bosporus introduces new focus trees and mechanics for Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey.

What does new focus trees do? Actually, they weaken these countries a lot. They suck and don’t have many varieties. Also, new rebellion mechanics suck and a waste of time.

Paradox should know that the big focus trees doesn’t mean that they’re good. You can make a super huge focus tree but it will be shallow, empty, and add no value to the game at all.

7. La Resistance


Can I be honest with you. This DLC is literally unnecessary. I got it but I didn’t even feel a slight difference. Spying felt like an unnecessary hassle, I completely ignored it and lost nothing. Just like the naval warfare. You can literally play for 1000 of hours and know nothing about the resistance or naval warfare and be okay. Ridiculous.

Anyway, only good thing about this DLC is the new unique Portugal focus tree.

8. By Blood Alone

By blood alone is possibly the worst HOI4 DLC there is. I mean, look at the reviews.

It adds focus tree to Switzerland but it’s still super boring country to play. Don’t even get me started on the new Ethiopian focus tree. The year is 2022 – 2023 and you’re still selling focus trees for irrelevant nations? I feel scammed bros.

Adds new aircraft designer… Why you had to f-up working system. It’s bad and buggy.

Weakens Italy with civil war for no reason? It’s already weak.


That was it, thx for reading! Final words, a serious Hearts of Iron IV player will buy all the DLCs. It is what it is. But I gotta say, some mods like Kaiserreich worth at least 20 DLC and are completely free. Do what you will with that information.

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