What Are Consumer Goods HOI4?

Hearts of Iron IV consumer goods guide to reduce.

hoi4 consumer goods factories

Who cares about the people? We need all these factories to build weapons for World War 2? So, what are consumer goods in HOI4 and how do we reduce them to zero?


Consumer goods are household appliances, canned foods, clothes, and etc. getting produced by factories for the civilian population. It is only a negatif buff in HOI4 since there is no population happiness or whatsoever in-game. That is why the player should reduce the consumer goods number as low as possible. Because each and every factory is required for winning the World War 2.

How to Lower Consumer Goods in HOI4?

First and the most important way of lowering consumer goods in HOI4 is changing the economy law.

HOI4 economy laws:

As you can see, total mobilization is the best economy law for reducing consumer good factories. However, it also reduces the recruitable population by -%3. So, if you don’t have enough manpower, war economy is good to go. Also if you don’t have enough war support, you cannot pass these economy laws. Let us assume you have passed them somehow. If your war support goes down, people will revolt and you will face mutinies / strikes.

Stability and war support are really important for strong war economy in Hearts of Iron IV.


HOI4 consumer goods can also be reduced by political advisors, national focuses, decision, and events. Depending on the country you play of course. As far as I remember, UK had a good consumer goods reduction focus and USA had an advisor that does the job.

Reducing the consumer goods in HOI4 should be your top priority. Believe it or not, early industrialization is the key of strong war machine.

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