Vampyr is one of the best game among the few good Vampire RPG’s. Not because of its amazing graphics but for its role playing elements. Today I will list the best Vampyr mods of all times.

So, the Vampyr game is already an amazing RPG. But still, you can improve your game play experience with these amazing mods, created by great mod community. First of all, there aren’t many mods available for Vampyr, that’s for sure. However, there are few hidden gems that will make your game much more enjoyable and fun. Especially your visual experience will be much more enjoyable. Because Vampyr is an old game with outdated graphics.

5. Vampyr Reshade and Enhanced Modification

vampyr reshades

This mod is a enhanced graphic modification and reshade for Vampyr. It basically increases the fov, removes fps limit, increases shadows, lightings, and modifies other effects. Also removes film grain and motion blur. In sum, vampyr reshade and enhanced modification makes your game look much beautiful.

Amazing techniques used in this graphical modification. Such as tonemapping, hdr, lut unsharpmask, reinhard linear, and hpd. Go for it for better game visuals I say. It’s official mod page.

4. Atmospheric Reshade

vampyr reshade mods

Atmospheric reshade does a minor edits and tweaks to make your game look more interesting. Chiefly, it increases the game atmosphere and pulls the player deep into the game. But you should know you can only use one shader mod. So, you should choose amongst the number 4 and 5 Vampyr mod on our list. We can’t have both at the same time unfortunately.

Mod page for atmospheric reshade is just right over there.

3. Dr. Reid Face Retexture (Optional No Beard)

vampyr retexture mods

Dr. Reid face re-texture and and bear options. Before i tell you about this mod, you must know that Dr. Reid have 4 different face textures. To clarify these are prologue face with muds, vampire stage 1 with no kills, vampire stage 2, and stage 3. Stage ranking increases the more people you kill. Meaning, the more people you kill, the vicious your face becomes. Mod page here.

This mod changes all three textures for the better. Higher quality textures and such. Furthermore, this retexture also removes the beard from Dr. Reid. Making him look more professional and younger. Lastly i must say, this face texture mod goes amazingly well with black suit mod.

2. Vampyr Gold Suit Mod

Gold suit mod replaces the basic suit with the gold colors / textures. If you want more elegant look on your character, gold suit can be a good choice for that. This suit will make you feel like an aristocrat, a lord, or a pimp? I can’t say for sure. But im %100 percent sure that the gold suit will enhance your role playing experience.

1. Vampyr Texture Mod – Black Suit

This is the black version of regular Dr. Reid outfit. For a darker or more gothic characters, black suit fits extremely well. There is also black gloves option for this texture mod. However, beware the glove bugs. Because there is not actual glove texture in-game. Instead this mod edits Dr. Reid’s hand textures and since some of the other characters are using the same hand textures too, people start wearing gloves with this mod.

I really enjoy little flavor mods like this black suit re-texture. Especially combined with the face retexture files. So, do take your time and check these mods for a better in-game immersion. Of course if you are thinking about doing your second or third playthroughs, you should most definitely try playing with mods this time. In order to escape the repetitiveness.

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