Are HOI4 Mods Free?

Here is how to get HOI4 mods for free.

free hoi4 mods

I get this question a lot. Are HOI4 mods free? The answer is yes, HOI4 mods are free indeed. I wonder why you guys are asking this question. HOI4 mods are made by the community for the community. Therefore they are non-profit modifications available on internet.


If you have the steam version, simply use the steam workshop. It is the easiest way. All you have to do is subscribe the item in the workshop. Once you subscribe, steam will start downloading and installing the mod automatically.

Obviously HOI4 is not a steam exclusive game. You might have bough it via different platform like GOG. In that case, you can try other respected mod download websites I have listed below.

Where to get HOI4 mods for free:

Do you have the non-steam version of the game, GOG or whatever? You can still download HOI4 mods from the steam workshop. Just choose the mod you want and copy its link. Then google steam workshop downloader and choose one of the results and paste the link of mod you like to download. Of course if the mod you choose is available on Paradox, Nexus, Moddb, etc, use them instead. In the end, it’s all the same.

Do HOI4 mods cost money? Absolutely not. However, you can still donate to the mod creators for their wonderful work. Especially big mods like Kaiserreich deserves all the praise and donation if possible.

How Do You Get Mods for HOI4?

You can get HOI4 mods from steam workshop, nexus mods, moddb, and official paradox mods website. I have already shared the links above. Check them out and download the mods you choose. They are completely free but you must register and log-in. Which is also free.

Manual installation is a bit hard. However, steam workshop installs mods automatically via steam. For other sources, you might have to use a mod manager. Which is fine and does all the mod installation work for you.

I believe it is time to end this article. If you have any questions or anything to add, by all means use the form below. Your comments are highly appreciated.

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