Baldur’s Gate 3 Saves

Complete guide of Baldur's Gate 3 save system, errors, and saves location.

bg3 save

Baldur’s Gate 3 saves can be stored on both cloud and hard drive. It’s also super easy to save. You can save in both combat and free-roam situations. However, it’s not possible to save BG3 in mid-dialogue.


BG3 quick save button: F5

Even though it is super tempting, try not to save before every encounter and dialogue. BG3 save scumming really is hardcore cheating. Whereas not saving regularly increases the excitement and fun.

We are not done yet! There is more to the BG3 save topic. You can find out more about Baldur’s gate 3 save location, save errors, and new save guide in the respective headlines below.

BG3 Save Location

Do you want to share your save-file with your multiplayer partners? Or perhaps you simply want to back-up your save game. It doesn’t matter really. BG3 save location is easy to find.

Baldur’s Gate 3 save storage location:
Users / (Your Username) / AppData / Local / Larian Studios / Baldur’s Gate 3 / PlayerProfiles

Larian Studios folder used to be located in documents but looks like they decided to move it to AppData / Local path.

So, simply open the PlayerProfiles folder and copy the player profile you play. Save games are inside but I recommend you to back-up entire profile since the folder contains your personal settings.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Save Errors

Bugs and errors are expected in an early access game. However, save file related ones are the worst. Dealing with messy Baldur’s Gate 3 save errors? Well, don’t worry. I know couple of solutions.

BG3 Crash While Saving

Possibly the worst bug you can encounter is the Baldur’s gate 3 crash on save.

The cause of this bug is still unknown. But most players speculate that bugged items are causing it. Especially the consumables. So, better get rid of consumables quickly.

Also switching between Dx11 and Vulkan can fix the issue.

BG3 Greyed Out Save

Can’t load your Baldur’s Gate 3 save? It’s not a bug but a feature.

After every big Baldur’s Gate 3 update, older saves became incompatible with the new version. It will be the case after every major update.

In order to continue your save, you must re-install the older BG3 version which your save games are created in.

BG3 Can’t Save

Can’t manually save Baldur’s Gate 3? Try quick-save shortcut F5.

There is only one thing that prevent saving in BG3, which is character dialogue. You cannot save this game in-mid dialogue due to engine restrictions.

You are either trying to save in mid-dialogue or the game thinks you are in a dialogue even if you aren’t. It’s really a frustrating bug. Literally a game-breaking one. Only way of fixing it is restarting steam and reloading an older save.

When to Start a New Save?

Best time to start a new save is obviously right after a new patch release. Since every major update corrupts the old save-files, it’s not ideal to start a new save when there is a new update nearby.

You can still continue your save-game but why play older version when there is a new one?

Latest patch may introduce new classes, races, quests, and even locations. You don’t want to miss any one of them.


All in all, if you are going to start a new save in 2022, wait for mid-December for the next major update.

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