Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart Mods

bg3 shadowheart mods

Best Shadowheart mods listed on this page. If you are also a Shadowheart SIMP like me, then you will most definitely enjoy these addons. To be honest, she is already amazing as she is. However, these mods are still nice to have. Okay, are you ready? Let us begin our list of Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart mods.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart Voice Actress

1. Shadowheart Alternate Hair

Her hair was absolutely beautiful in the promotional art. However, Larian changed hair in the last second and made it really ugly. If you also hate her new in-game hair, you will love Shadowheart alternate hair mod.

After this hair change, she kinda becomes lovable. I hated her before, but not anymore. She actually looks cute now in my opinion.

Here is something strange. Shadowheart promotional art hair with the bangs is exact match with Selune hair. Observe a Selune statue next time you found one. It is really suspicious.

Shadowheart hair variants with this mod:

2. Shadowheart Shadow for Eyes

This mod makes her eyes pitch black. Like a demon if you will. It is simply a texture that turns black the white outer layer of the eyeball.

Once Gale described Shadowheart like this:

Shadows for eyes as deep as the Darklake.

But Shadowheart has regular human eyes. No shadows, no blackness, no nothing. For this reason this mod is created by Padme4000 and download link can be found here.

3. Origin Character Unlocker

Origin character unlocker is one of my favorite Baldur’s Gate 3 mod of all times. This mod allows you to play as Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3 if you like. Also as Wyll, Astarion, Lae’zel, and Gale of course.

By the way it must be remembered that this isn’t a visual only mod. Once you choose a origin character, you will get special origin tag and exclusive dialogues & questline. Neither this mod, nor the origin character questlines are complete. However, still you can enjoy some side quests and dialogues by playing as one of these origin characters.

Thank you AlanaSP for creating both customizer’s compendium and this awesome mod. In case you guys are wondering, this mod can be acquired from this link.

4. Light Domain

Shadowheart is a cleric and her subclass is trickery domain. It is not possible to change that in-game. So there is this light domain mod that changes her subclass.

Light domain Shadowheart should be more helpful to your team composition. However, it is directly opposite of her dark nature. Check out its mod page.

5. Life Domain

Another subclass replacement mod for Shadowheart. This time, Shadowheart becomes life domain cleric with this final mod on our list.

I believe this subclass is the one that focused on the healing most. If you want a decent healer in your group, make sure to grab this mod from here.

Thank you for reading this list fellow Shadowheart SIMP. I am looking forward for your comments. Until we meet again! Take care yourselves.

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