Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Hair Mods

7 best hair mods of BG3. You'll fall in love with beautiful, gorgeous, and one-of-a-kind Baldur's Gate 3 hairstyles.

bg3 hair mods

Hello and welcome to my Baldur’s Gate 3 best hair mods list. Since BG3 is a fairly new game, we don’t have many hair mods. Still, these few hair mods that we have are really high quality. I believe we can all agree on quality > quantity.

Hairstyle is one of the most important elements of character creation. No matter how deep you customize your character, the moment you change hair, the character becomes someone else. That’s why hair & hairstyle packs are the most popular mods of RPGs.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Cosmetic Mods

You’ve already crated your character? Don’t worry. You can still edit your Baldur’s Gate 3 characters appearance mid-game on an existing save. For that, see Baldur’s Gate 3 respec page.

BG3 best hair mods now starts with Tav’s hair salon.

1. Tav’s Hair Salon

BG3 best hair mod is Tav’s Hair salon. It is created by kittentails and adds 29 different beautiful new hairstyles to your game.

However, you should know that these hairstyles are created only for human/elf/half-elf/drow/tiefling females. There are only few male hairstyles in this one. So, for other races and genders, I recommend you check out other hair mods on our list.

Take your Tav to this hair salon and get a beautiful hair cut now!

2. Vessnelle’s Hair Collection

Vessnelle’s Hair Collection adds 7+ top notch hairstyles to Human, Elf, Drow, Githyanki, Half-Elf, and Tiefling.

It doesn’t have many hairstyles but all of them are my favorites because they look so cool. I hope you like them too.

3. Shadowheart Alternate Hair

Shadowheart promotion art hair was really beautiful. But for some reason, they changed that in-game. Lots of BG3 players including me hate the vanilla Shadowheart hair. Thankfully Shadowheart alternate hair mod brings back the promotional art hair. Which is far more beautiful than the vanilla one.

Also, this mod does not require mod-manager installation. All you have to do is copy pasting the hair textures. Then your Shadowheart will be much prettier, cuter, and hotter!

It works with latest patch and has couple of variants.

4. Honey’s Hair Kitchen

Let’s start with the mod-page of Honey’s Hair Kitchen and we’ll build from there. This mod adds a couple of additional (mostly female) hairstyles made using vanilla assets, plus two optional hairstyles for our beloved Shadowheart.

Not much to say about this mod, except it’s absolutely beautiful.

5. Extra Hair Slot

This mod allows you to add a second hair to your character. So that you can mix 2 hairs and have your own custom hairstyle. Obviously this does not work with all hairstyles because of the clipping issue. However, I have seen many interesting hairs on reddit.

Extra hairs are added to the “tiefling horn” slot. Of course, now other races can also access to the horn slot for choosing an extra hair.

Here is the official mod page.

6. Hair Edits

First of all, hair edits mod allows hairstyle swap between genders. Meaning you can have male hairstyles on females and female hairstyles on males. Secondly it adds couple of originally unavailable hairstyles. Both modified and unmodified.

Hair edits new hairstyles:

You can get these hairstyles from here.

7. Padme’s Hair Edits / New Hairs

Hair edits made by Padme can be added to your game via this mod. As well as completely new hairstyles.

So, go to nexus and get this mod and make sure to give your thanks to Padme4000.

Padme’s hair edits mod page is here, and Padme’s new hairs is right over there.


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