Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Mods

Top 21 best Baldur's Gate 3 mods of the year.

best bg3 mods

Welcome to my compilation of best Baldur’s Gate 3 mods top 21 list. On this page, you will find the most interesting, fun BG3 mods. Even though BG3 still in the early access, there are tons of mods already released for it. Of course I did my research and made the top 21 list for you to enjoy.


No mod support, no full release, still many beautiful mods. I don’t know how this is happened, huge thanks to community. I can’t even begin to imagine how many mods we will have with the full release. If Larian releases a mod kit, it might even rival the Skyrim’s mod count. Well, exaggerated a little bit I guess. But you get my point.

There she goes, best Baldur’s Gate 3 mods:

1. Basket Full of Equipment

Do you like playing dress up? Well, most RPG players do. Especially the BG3 players. However, there isn’t much equipment in the vanilla game. Thankfully, basket full of equipment mod adds +500 new armor, clothing, and gear.

Beautiful attires, jewelry, armors, and etc. for you and your companions. There are vanilla outfits and the home-made custom ones in this mod. So, what are you waiting for? This is the best BG3 mod now there is. Here is the BG3 mod installation guide in case you need it.

2. Customizer

This mod basically adds lots of new options to choose during the character creation screen. If you want something more than the generic characters and create your own unique Tav, get customizer.

New faces, hairs, colors, skins, horns, and more is inside the mod. Finally, this is the mod-page.

3. Improved UI

This mod changes and improves the user interface of Baldur’s Gate 3. It makes interface much more user friendly just like Skyrim SkyUI.

Besides, improved UI mod is a requirement for many other mods that made for BG3. That is why you should most definitely get it.

Lastly, this mod adds camera mod, which allows you to take beautiful pictures by hiding UI. For more camera options like infinite zoom, check out Baldur’s Gate 3 camera mod.

4. Tav’s Hair Salon

Most beautiful hairstyles comes to Baldur’s Gate 3 thanks to KittenTails.

Currently more than +30 hairstyles are in Tav’s hair salon mod. Each and every one of them is beautiful. There is one downside though. These hairstyles are exclusive to the human / elf / half-elf / drow / tiefling characters. Also this does not change the NPC hairstyle. Only the player character can benefit from it.

5. Devil Wings

Oh boy, I love devil wings on a tiefling character. What about you? Don’t you want to create beautiful, succubus like characters?

It isn’t permanent either. You can equip and unequip devil wings any time you want. Devil wings gives fly and couple other abilities to wearer, interesting spells, good for a bit of flavor. Well, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

6. Arcane Rings

Rings are pretty much useless in Baldur’s Gate 3 early access. I find it a bit odd. Thankfully, arcane rings mods comes to help!

Ash Nazg Thrakatulûk Agh Burzum-ishi Krimpatul – Annatar

+45 new spells added to the game via use of magic rings. Really good for gameplay, pretty balanced too. So, if you are magic enjoyer like me, install this mod ASAP.

7. Party Size Extender

Imagine Baldur’s Gate 3 with no party limit! Believe me, it is so much fun. The game becomes a little bit easier but still, I prefer 6 character party. Because that way I don’t miss any content / companion dialogue.

It becomes a little hard to manage and a bit crowded. You must micro manage all 6 characters. Yet, it is fun nonetheless. I especially recommend it for second / third playthroughs.

8. Paladin Class Mod

Paladin is the most popular class of D&D series. However, since BG3 is still in the early access, paladin class is currently unavailable. This mod changes that and allows you to choose paladin class.

Oath of the ancient and vengeance paths are available. Most of the spells are working perfectly with a few exceptions. All in all, if you are paladin lover, don’t miss this mod.

9. Playable Bard Class

Important: Bard class is released with the latest update. You don’t need to use a mod to unlock bard class now. Here is the latest BG3 bard build.

This mod let me role play as Kvothe from the King Killer Chronicles.

It simply unlocks the bard class. Most of the bard skills are already in-game, however some features are missing. But don’t worry, mod creator already fixed lots of the spells. So, you can fully enjoy the bard class without delay.

10. Customizable Starting Equipment

Do you want to start the game with your favorite equipment?

Generic starting gear is bland and dull. That is why I really love this mod. Especially it is really good for role-playing purposes and writing a custom background for my character. Although it is considered cheating, I believe choosing starting gear for my character is no big deal. Consider it a new game+ start.

You can even choose the gears that are not in the base game yet! Wearing armors from act 2 perhaps 3 is highly interesting.

11. Mindflayer Mod

As you can see in the title, this mod unlocks the mindflayer race. Therefore allowing you to play as nightmarish mindflayer. How interesting is that?

It is not only visual either. You will have couple of terribly destructive mindflayer exclusive spells. Oh boy, I pity the citizens of Baldur’s Gate.

Best character choice for an evil playthrough! You can also role-play as a mindflayer enthralled the origin companions.

12. Druid & Herbalist Armor Sets

Those who likes to play as druid will highly appreciate this mod. It adds beautiful custom made armor sets made for druid class.

First set is really fit for druid characters. Second one, the herbalist set is for apprentice druids or perhaps for nature lovers. They both equally looks amazing and I definitely like to get them when playing with my druid Tav.

13. Mud Crab Merchant

Mudcrab merchant is a little fella who loves gold and likes to trade. It first appeared at The Elder Scrolls of Morrowind. Then modded to the other Elder Scroll series as well as Baldur’s Gate 3.

This little guy stays at your camp and trades with you any time you need. It has 10.000 gold and can buy any of your junk.

Mudcrab merchant does not sell anything originally but some mods adds their items via mudcrab merchant. So, it is a mod that works well with other mods.

14. Add All Items Mod

Add all items mod brings three barrels to your camp. One for weapons, one for armors, and the other for miscellaneous items.

Each and every item in Baldur’s Gate 3 will be available to you in your camp.

It is a cheat mod but fun nonetheless. Don’t miss any item and customize your characters to your liking!

15. Shadowheart Trailer Hair

I really hated Shadowheart at first. Then, I installed this Shadowheart alternate hair mod and everything changed. I guess it was her Karen hair that made me uninterested in her. Now she looks beautiful, just like in her promotional art drawings.

There are couple of options in the mod for both hairstyle and its color. So, go get this mod and make Shadowheart more tolerable.

16. Origin Unlocker

With this mod you can play as Astarion, Shadowheart, Lae’zel, Gale, or Wyll.

Some prefer to play as one of the origin characters because they have their own dialogues, story, and voicing. Basically origin characters offers richer story for the player.

Origin characters will already be unlocked in the future but this mod does this earlier.

17. Piercing

Facial piercings mod adds 12 piercing option for your characters. They are made for ears and nose. Also these piercings are equippable, so you don’t have to create a new game.

I like customizing my characters and this is the perfect mod for it. Go on, create your big titty goth girlfriend or a sexy ass heartbreaker.

18. Gale’s Stylist

Gale is a handsome devil. But he does not know how to dress, or groom properly. He needs a stylist you know?

Gale’s stylist is a mod that changes the appearance of Gale. There are multiple options for both beard and clothing. So that you can choose your favorite styles for your favorite companion.

19. Monk Class

Finally, last playable class mod I would like to mention, the monk class.

This mod adds monk class and its 5 subclasses to the game. These are four elements, open hand, shadow, long death, and sun soul.

It has an interesting playstyle, you know monks mostly use their fists. So, if you want to try monk class before Larian implements it officially, this mod is perfect for you.

20. Vampire Spawn Background

Vampires are sexy as hell! I mean, look at Astarion. He could easily take a part in the movie Interview With the Vampire. I wish there was an option that would let Astarion to turn us into a vampire. Maybe in the future, who knows. Anyway, surprisingly somebody took the liberty of making a vampire background mod.

It basically adds vampire background to the character creation. So, you can not become a vampire in your existing save with this. But it is worth creating a new save. Because your tav will get new vampire skills. Can convert others too.

21. Dices

Dice mods come in all shapes and sizes! My favorites are the ones with unique roll animations.

Rolling dice is a big part of Baldur’s Gate 3. Therefore, you should mod it dices too if you can! There are lots of beautiful dice mods out there for you to choose among.


My top 21 best BG3 mods list ends here. I hope you enjoyed them, see you later!

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