Best Werewolf Mods of Skyrim Special Edition

20 best werewolf themed Skyrim SE mods, including re-works and overhauls.

sse werewolf mods

Who let the dogs out? WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO? Hello pack, I have listed the best werewolf mods of Skyrim Special Edition on this page. You can find overhauls, re-works, re-textures, quests, sounds, and utility mods specifically created for werewolves.

After installing these mods, you will be the ultimate werewolf lord. Also, your Skyrim will be one of the best werewolf RPG games. If you like the lycan / wolfman genre, I will be your guide on this journey.


You can treat this list as an unofficial Skyrim werewolf modpack. Because every mod you need to maximize werewolf experience are listed below. So, let’s get this started now with an overhaul mod.

1. Nightmare Night – Werebeasts Unleashed


To me number one werewolf mod of Skyrim is Nightmare Night. Because it’s a complete werewolf and werebear overhaul.

Nightmare Night – Werebeasts Unleashed features:

All in all, this mod covers everything related to werewolves. Therefore, it is the best Skyrim werewolf mod to have.

2. Growl


Growl is also a werewolf and werebear overhaul. But it is really a lightweight mod that makes minimal changes.

It aims to make beast transformations more viable and balanced by making slightly adjustments.

Growl features:

3. Live Another Life Werewolf Start


It is one of the best werewolf mods of Skyrim because it allows you to start the game as a werewolf. It is really immersive.

This extension of Live Another Life allows werewolf start.

I am a werewolf at Frostmoon Crag.

Frostmoon Crag is a small camp under a rock overhang south of Mount Moesring and northeast of the Abandoned Lodge inhabited by werewolves. Which is located in Solstheim.

4. Werewolf Narrative Expansion


This adds grimmer content surrounding the werewolves of Skyrim and Solstheim. It is an immersive mod that contributes to the lore. Which is great to have when you are playing as a Werewolf, or a beast hunter.

Skyrim SE Werewolf Narrative mod features:

5. Night of the Wolf


Elder Scrolls Online introduced a creature called Werewolf Lord. And this mod aims to bring that unique form the Skyrim SE.

Assume the mantle of the Werewolf Lord.

Becoming a werewolf lord is not an easy task. In order to become one, you must pass the Hircine’s test. Then you can wield the power of ultimate apex predator.

6. Diverse Werewolves Collection


All werewolves look the same in Skyrim. Which is quite silly. Werewolves should come in many varieties of colors and shapes.

Diverse Werewolves Collection adds variety to enemy werewolf encounters. This mod contains 25 werewolves and 13 werebears. Each with unique models.

7. Skinshifters


This one is not exactly a werewolf or werebear mods. But it was too good to miss, and I want to include it. Because it looks like a were-beast of some kind.

BEST HORROR MODS OF SKYRIM Other mods like this one.

After installing this mod, skin-shifters will start wandering Skyrim, disguised as other NPCs. But under their human form, lies a horrible beast like creature.

8. Curse of the Werewolf


Curse of the Werewolf transforms you into a werewolf instead of dying, once a day. Of course, it only triggers if you die in a human form, with werewolf blood running through your veins.

Enemy killing blow turns you into a full-health werewolf! It is a great buff, unless you transform inside a town. You don’t want bounty in your head, right?

This mod highly boosts the player’s power. So, if you are going to use it, consider increasing the in-game difficulty.

9. Simple Werewolf Loot and Activate


Skyrim werewolf interact mod is probably the most useful addon you can imagine for werewolves. Basically, it enables werewolf form to talk to NPCs, pick locks, open doors, loot, pick up, etc.

A werewolf has huge paws to use. It should be able to open doors and pull levers, right? Skyrim developers don’t think so…

This mod is great but just don’t try to ride a horse in werewolf form. It is a cursed sight.

10. Werewolf Perks Unleashed


If you don’t want to install the werewolf overhauls at number 1 and 2, you can use this mod for werewolf perk rework.

A patch that combines the popular werewolf overhauls Growl, Bloodmoon Rising and Werewolf Perks

Vanilla werewolf perks are dull, boring, and useless. This mod aims to change that fact by re-working the werewolf perk tree.

This combined werewolf tree features a total of 47 perks. Whereas vanilla version only has 11.

11. True Hybrid


Vampire, Werewolf, even Undeath Lich. If you like this mod and want to master all transforms, this is the mod you are looking for.

Check out best Skyrim SE vampire mods, and best Skyrim SE necromancer mods as well. Having all three transforms and improved perk trees is really fun.

12. Ulfhednar


Werewolf race for furries… It’s not exclusive though. Non-furry werewolf enthusiasts can enjoy this mod too.

Especially combining this with Live Another Life mods werewolf start is pretty immersive.

13. Lobo Fully Voiced Werewolf Follower


As stated in the name, this is a SEE werewolf companion mod. Its name is Lobo.

Werewolf companion Lobo features +170 fully voiced lore friendly lines. Including interactive dialogue.

If you didn’t like Lobo, visit my Skyrim SE best voiced follower mods page. You might a more suitable follower for your taste.

14. Canis Hysteria


This mod adds new contractible lycanthrope disease similar to the sanguine vampirism.

If you want to be a werewolf but don’t want to invest in The Companions guild, this mod is great for you.

Werewolf disease contact can be cured with cure disease potion, in case you don’t feel ready for the transformation.

15. Hypertrichosis Werewolf Sounds Rework


This fully immersive mod introduces vicious werewolf sound & FX rework.


This voice rework sounds absolutely amazing. Hugo kudos to the creator Satafinix.

16. Predator Vision


Let’s continue with something that will help you hunt in the night. Predator vision is mod that introduces enhanced werewolf eye for spotting preys and dark.

Now you can see clearly in the night and sense your preys body heat. As you should as an apex predator.

17. Werewolf Transformation Timer


Skyrim werewolf transformation is available for a limited time. That limited time is unknown to the player. Because they don’t have hand watches in Skyrim.

Morph timer mod adds a new icon and timer in order to show you how much time you have left.

There are 4 different icons in this mod so that you can choose the one you like the most.

18. Faster Transform


Do you also hate how much time werewolf transformation takes? It is really bad, especially in the mid-combat.

Unfortunately, Skyrim isn’t an anime, your enemies don’t wait idle while you transform.

This mod makes werewolf transformation twice as fast.

19. HD Werewolf Retexture


This list needed a good HD texture rework. HD werewolf retexture mod does the job.

Both 2k and 4k HD retextures are available. Although I wouldn’t recommend 4k because the difference between 2k and 4k is not that big. No need to put extra weight on the PC.

This mod also comes with an alternate blood red eye texture. But it is optional.

20. Rally’s Werewolf Totems


Final mod on our list is about the werewolf totems. Three totems are boons that increase your werewolf powers. They are obtainable by the quests after becoming Harbinger in The Companions. Or marrying werewolf waifu Aela.

So, this mod replaces the werewolf totems in game with HD textures. You can choose between 2K and 4K options.

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