On this page you will find the list of all Circle Empires Rivals leaders. Circle Empires Rivals heroes, champions, leaders, etc.

Darkness Dominion

circle darkness

A vampire has gotten a hold of zombie spell. World domination is logical next step. Can recruit undeads.

  • ¬†Starts with: +1 vampire and +1 forestopia.
  • +4 armor to all your melee units, like guards, knights, vampires, etc.
  • God tier.

Morgoth and Daughters


Morgoth’s daughters hoard frogs, seeking to turn them into princes. Sometimes they succeed. Sometimes, other beings are created. They can recruit goblins and frogs.

  • Starts with: +1 goblin king.
  • Each claimed circle gets: +1 poison tower.
  • God tier.

Darius the Druid


The oldest druid can speak with trees, frogs and certain ancient monsters, which is why he is often surrounded by a strange combination of creatures.

  • Starts with: +1 forester.
  • Each claimed circle gets: +2 forester.
  • God tier.

Albert the Alchemist

circle albert

When Albert was in school of wizardry he became friends with some of the most powerful wizards who happened to be teachers at that time.

  • Starts with: +3 wizard scholar.
  • Each claimed circle gets: +1 acid tower.
  • Technology research -50% cheaper.
  • God tier.

Wolfham the Warlord


Never lets his guard down. Has perfect building watchtowers.

  • Starts with: +500 wood and +500 food.

Wilberforce the Wizard


Lovers reading books & casting fireballs. Makes sure his soldiers train regularly.

  • Starts with: +2 gold pile.
  • Each claimed circle gets: +2 training dummy.
  • Technology research: -40% cheaper.

Barg the Barbarian


A man of few words and many axes. Each newly conquered circle draws more warriors to his side.

  • Each claimed circle gets: +1 axe thrower.
  • +15% damage to all your creatures and buildings that can attack.

Ephius the Economist


Ephius was a renowned merchant before he was crowned king of a small circle. His acumen with resources allows him to find gold anywhere. Starts with bank.

  • Starts with: 3 worker and +2 bank.

Barandur the Builder


Barandur is a genius engineer who was elected to lead his people after inventing a cost-effective way to produce golems. Can recruit golems instead of knights.

  • Starts with: +1 catapult.
  • Each claimed circle gets: +1 wood wall +6 armor to all your buildings and walls.

Sentia the Spellbound


An ancient empire wide spell allows your workers to harvest resources faster, but turns them into pumpkins if they stop working for some time.

  • All work is done 100% faster.

Laura the Lifegiver

laura circle

Laura was chosen to become the leader of her circle after she provided everyone with universal, free access to healers. A privilege that used to be reserved only for the rich.

  • Starts with: +3 healer.
  • +4 armor to all your melee units, like guards, knights, vampires etc.

Xee and Xess the Demon Couple

xee and xess

A couple of demons from below have ascended to the mountaintops to mess with the lives of mortals. They can summon the undead.

  • Starts with: +1 bank.
  • Each claimed circle gets: +1 poison tower and +2 zombie.

Swifty the Scavenger Lord

swifty scavenger lord

Swifty trains his soldiers to discover value where others find none.

  • Starts with: +1 ballista.
  • Bonus resources from kills: +200%

Mindy the Mushroom Mage

mindy mushroom

Mindy has specialised in growing magic mushrooms with arcane power.

  • Each claimed circle gets: +3 healing mushroom and +2 extra life mushroom.
  • +25% starting xp for all your base level units and buildings up to 300.

Wyona the Water Queen

circle wyona

Wyona is the true leader or water worlds who can recruit various mermaids and swamp monsters. Her greatest challenge is dry ground where she just feels out of her element.

  • Each claimed water circle gets: +1 fishery.
  • +20% more effective wood harvesting. You will get more wood from each tree.

Demian the Dragon


Demian used to be cruel and uncaring beast, until discovering a philosophy of peace. He is now building a kingdom that servest the poorest people. The peasants love him.

  • Starts with: +2 gold pile.
  • All work done is 40% faster.

Melee Mercs

melee mercs

Informal organization of ex-archers that got kicked out of various armies because of their poor archery skills. Recruits almost exclusively hand to hand fighters.

  • Starts with: +1 gold pile.
  • Each claimed circle gets: +1 haste temple.
  • Technology research -40% cheaper.

Nature Nurturists

circle empires nature

The deepest forest shelter. Best friends of nature.

  • Each claimed circle gets: +2 poison tower and +3 tree.

Arcane Alliance

circle arcane

Council of intelligent people who got sick of stupid people leading them and their kingdoms. Recruits various magic users.

  • Starts with: 2 namtar worker.
  • Each claimed circle gets: +1 fire tower. Starts with one random creature recruitable by this leader.

Greedy Guild

greedy guild

Everybody knows that the true value and deepest meaning in life can only be measured in money. Recruits various barbarians, vampires and other outlaws.

  • Starts with: +1 barbarian worker and +1 goblin worker.
  • Each claimed circle gets: +1 poison tower.
  • Bonus resources from kills: +100%.

Science Society

science society

This organization of technicians has replaced manual labor with golems. They focus on technological research and quality. Recruits elite military units.

  • Starts with: +1 golem worker.
  • Each claimed circle gets: +1 frost tower and +1 mystery box.
  • Technology research -30% cheaper.

Smog the Shaman


Smog is the last living daughter of barbarian warlord, expert in inducing frenzy among the warriors.

  • Starts with: +150 food and +1 war witch.
  • Each claimed circle gets: +1 wolf rider.

Harvey the Horsemaster

circle harvey

Harvey is the oldest son of recently deceased successful barbarian khan. He dreams of extending his fathers kingdom beyond the horizon.

  • Each claimed circle gets: +1 horse archer and +1 caravan.

Mermaid and Goblin

mermaid and goblin

Nobody knows how these two found each other and they have sweared to never tell.

  • Starts with: +150 wood.
  • Bonus resources from kills: +100%.

Dominic the Defender

dominic defender

In all honesty, Dominic has always been more of a mechanic than a wizard. Now leading his own expedition to spread his inventions.

  • Each claimed circle gets: +1 boulder tower and +1 circle defender.
  • +20% damage to all yoru ranged units, like archers, wizards, towers and etc.

Flynn the Footman

flynn footman

Flynn is a famous mercenary general who recruits only infantry. Flynn says one should not trust an animal to do a soldiers job.

  • Each claimed circle gets: +1 spearman.
  • +15% damage to all your creatures and buildings that can attack.

Rootbender and Feya

rootbender feya

Alliance of elves and ents looking to restore the balance of nature, preferably in their favor.

Fire Spirits

fire spirits

Two fire spirits have returned from the lava sea to lighten things up.

  • Each claimed cricle gets: +1 volcano.

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