Welcome to my CK3 best buildings tier list. Investing in buildings is really important in Crusader Kings 3. Having them gives you a huge spike because AI can’t manage it’s buildings in the right way. So, I hope this tier list helps you to rule many kingdoms and empires.


Shall we begin? Here it is Crusader Kings 3 best buildings:

1. Manor Houses

ck3 best building

The Lords and Ladies of the manor employ hundreds of peasants to till their fields and tend to their livestock. The more power they hold, the more land their subjects can work and, most importantly, the more tax they will produce!

Manor Houses are the best buildings for economy in CK3. Because they give the most gold. They even give levy size, development, and control growth at the later levels. But remember, these buildings can only be build in farmlands terrain, which is quite rare.

You should always build them first for building a stronger realm. So, economy buildings first, military buildings second. Temple and city holdings last of course.

Levels of Manor houses:

  • Mansions.
  • Garden & vegetable plantations.
  • Farm estates.
  • Hundred-acre fields.
  • Freeholds.
  • Windmills.
  • Consolidated landholdings.
  • Grand estates.

2. Regimental Grounds

ck3 regimental grounds

The regimental grounds not only contain several buildings designed to house large amounts of levies but is also connected to a vast swathe of land for them to train for war.

This is the best military building in the game so far. Regimental Grounds gives the most levies. Also you will have heavy infantry, spearman, and heavy cavalry bonuses after upgrading it.

Totally worth the slot and 200 gold. Since it is a god tier building, I recommend you to build it after the mansions.

Levels of regimental grounds:

  • Regimental clearings.
  • Quartermaster’s offices.
  • Semi-permanent housing.
  • Regimental grounds.
  • Military granaries.
  • Blacksmiths.
  • Officer’s lodgings.
  • Expanded grounds.

3. Farms & Fields

ck3 farms fields

Farms and fields are the backbones of any economy. Fueling man, beast, army, and feast – there is no understating the power of simple grain.

Farms & fields is the second best economical building in Crusader Kings 3. It can be build on almost all terrains.

In order to build more buildings have a stronger economy, I believe farms are mandatory.

Farms and fields levels:

  • Crop fields.
  • Hamlets.
  • Barns & storehouses.
  • Farmsteads.
  • Granaries.
  • Granges & tithe barns.
  • Vast crop fields.
  • Grain silos.

4. Barracks

ck3 barracks

Barracks are sturdy buildings with the sole purpose of housing and readying local levies for war.

Second best military building in Crusader Kings 3 are barracks. They can be build almost every terrain.

Barracks gives +125 levies which is pretty good. Even for the bigger kingdoms. Because you can stack and multiply levy sizes with many ways. Besides it gives heavy infantry and spearman damage bonuses to its holder. Stack these bonuses with multiple holdings and you will have space marines in no time!

Barracks levels:

  • Wooden barracks.
  • Levying grounds.
  • Stone barracks.
  • Mobile camps.
  • Smithies.
  • Training grounds.
  • Conscription centers.
  • Permanent barracks.

5. Hunting Grounds

ck3 hunting grounds

Dotted throughout these lands are several large lodges where hunters of wild game can gather and plan their excursions.

One of the best buildings in CK3 are hunting grounds. Simply because they give both tax and levies. What’s more, hunting grounds gives light cavalry bonuses to the holder of its holding.

Hunting grounds:

  • Hunter’s lodges.
  • Hound pens.
  • Aviaries.
  • Hunting towers.
  • Hunter’s stables.
  • Ranger’s huts.
  • Hunting reserves.
  • Gamekeeper’s lodges.

6. Pastoral Grounds

ck3 pastoral lands

A significant portion of this province is dedicated to animal husbandry and as grazing lands for herds of pastoral animals.

Pastoral lands building gives the same tax and levies as the hunting grounds. But it don’t have any men at arms bonuses. Therefore making it the 6th best building.

Pastoral lands levels:

  • Pastures.
  • Homesteads.
  • Meadows.
  • Coops.
  • Livestock pens.
  • Apiaries.
  • Corrals.
  • Cattle ranches.

7. Military Camps

ck3 military camps

A simple training ground where local peasants are readied for war.

Cheap building providing great number of levies and archer damage bonus. This archer damage can be stacked. Therefore making your archers killing machines in the ends. For a cheap price too!

Military caps levels:

  • Hide tents.
  • Camp cooks.
  • Training fields.
  • Watchposts.
  • Camp smiths.
  • Mustering halls.
  • Militia barracks.
  • Levying squares.

8. Tradeport

ck3 tradeport

Merchant galleys load and off-load their cargo at this port.

Final building on my tier list is the tradeport. It gives nice amount of tax and development growth bonuses. Development bonus alone is really good for your capital. But it can only be build in port counties.

Tradeport levels:

  • Small harbor.
  • Fishing net weavers.
  • Tradeport.
  • Shipwrights.
  • Expanded docks.
  • Shipyards.
  • Grand port.
  • Drydocks.

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