Crusader Kings 3 can be grindy, boring, or fun depending on your nation. So, I made a list of most fun nations in Crusader Kings 3. I hope you enjoy it.


Here is the compilation of most fun nations in CK 3:

1. Leon


In 1066, Iberia in pieces. Three kings ruling the Castilian lands. Because once the king of Leon died, his lands divided between his three sons.

King Alfonso VI “the Brave” of Leon is in the middle between his two brothers. Since all three kings are House Jimena and Dynasty Jimena, they are each others heirs.

So, as an intrigue focused character, you can plot a murder to kill your brothers and inherit their kingdoms. Leon is really easy and fun if you like Game of Thrones and intrigue. Oh and by the way, King Alfonso VI has a incestuous relationship with his sister Infanta Urraca Fernandez of Leon. Lannisters much?

2. Apulia


1066 start Duke Robert the Fox of Apulia is one of the best choice for the crusade campaign. Both strategically and historically. Because you have the closest catholic ports to the kingdom of Jerusalem.

Duke Roberts is the head of House Hauteville, Dynasty de Hauteville. Since he is brilliant war strategist, forming kingdom of Sicily is really easy before the first crusade. Also after winning the crusade against the Fatimid, you can choose to play as designated King or Queen of Jerusalem.

3. Daura – 867


Another 867 fun start is High Chieftess Daurama of Kano from House Daura and Dynasty Daura.

On this gameplay, you can have female ruler, female court, and female lords. Female preference law allows you to do that. You can even have three consorts!

Why it is fun? Because eugenic experiments are much more easier with a female ruler. Also why not unite Africa under a Queen?

4. Dhunnunid


First Muslim nation in our ck3 must fun nations list is Dhunnunid.

Emir Yahya ibn Isma’il of the Dhunnunid Emirate, House Dhunnunid, and Dynasty Dhunnunid starts at 1066.

Can you fight against the Christians in both Spain and France? Can you repel the crusades lead by the Pope himself? Dhunnunid is really fun and challenging start in Crusader Kings 3

Avenging the Battle of Tours and forming the kingdom of Andalusia is really intense and rewarding in the end.

5. Normandy


Dutchy of Normandy is one of the iconic start in CK3. Duke William II “the Bastard” of Normandy, House of Normandie, and Dynasty de Normandie starts as the vassal of France.

In this 1066 start, you are already at war with kingdom of England. Once William defeats the England, he gains his independence from the France and becomes the King. However, another war begins with the kingdom of Norway.

Looks like a hard start. However it is far from the truth. Because William has 6 children, meaning 6 alliances.

6. Bohemia


Another interesting start in 1066 is Duchy of Bohemia. You will play as Duke Vratislav II of Bohemia, House Premyslid, and Dynasty Premyslid.

This one is particularly interesting because the Bohemian succession law is house seniority. Meaning the oldest member of the house will inherit all of the titles during succession. Also Bohemia is a voter in the Holy Roman Empire. Therefore making it much more interesting.

7. Bavaria


Bavaria is actually one of the strongest vassal inside the Holy Roman Empire. On this 1066 you start as Duke Otto II of Bavaria, House Nordheim, and Dynasty von Nordheim.

Your main purpose should be expanding your Duchy with 6 more Bavarian counties. Once you did that you can form kingdom of Bavaria. After that your Liege will gave you the Nordgau, Salzburg, Austria, Steyermark, Carinthia, and Pula for free. Because you will be their rightful liege once you found the kingdom of Bavaria. After that, you can expand into anywhere you want. Also becoming the new HRE emperor should be much more easier after that.

8. Tuscany


In 1066, Duchess Matilda of Tuscany rules fairly large part of the Italy. A 20 years old female ruler with no spouse, siblings and relatives except her mother.

Can you rebuild the Dynasty di Lucca and House Canossa?

House Canossa motto:

When the Dog Will End His Bone, House Canossa Will End

There are lots of easy targets around you on this playthrough. Starting might be a little hard because the lack of allies. However, this start is really promising if you play your cards right.

9. Fatimid


Fatimid Sultanate is the holder of Jerusalem in 1066 and the main target of the crusades. That alone makes this start really fun and challenging.

Your ruler, Caliph al-Mustansir ibn az-Zahir of the Fatimid Sultanate is the direct descendant of the prophet Mohammad. Therefore making him a Sayyid.

Dynasty Fatimid and House Fatimid is really small. You only have 4 living members in you dynasty. But this number can be grow geometrically. Because Muslim rules can have a wife and three concubines.

10. Byzantine Empire


One of the most iconic start in CK3 is Byzantine empire. Byzantine starts with Seljuk invasion. This is really a hard war but not impossible to win. Marry your children for France, Hungary, Bohemia, and Denmark alliances. This small crusade of yours will be enough the repel 1066 Seljuk war at the beginning.

After that you can unite Orthodox people, conquer holy lands, and mend the great schism. Even more, you have a decision that lets you restore the Roman Empire. Of course you must conquer many lands and have the fame the living legend.

Basileus Konstantinos X of the Byzantine Empire is the head of Dynasty Doukas, and House Doukas.

11. Seljuk


Sultan al-Muazzam Alp Arslan Chagri-Begoglu of Seljuk Empire is the legendary Turkish king that changed the power balance in the near Asia. Allowing the Turkish ascendency in Anatolia.

Dynasty Seljuk and House Seljuk is really fun to play in 1066. There will be lots of revolts because of the cultural geography. However, Seljuk armies can manage that.

12. Hungary


King Salamon of Hungary is just a young boy with zero allies. In order to thrive Dynasty Arpad and House Arpad, you must survive the rebellions at the start.

First of all you must break your betrothal and find strong allies. Like France, HRE, Bohemia, Sweden, etc. Also you can gain other allies by marrying your brothers and mother. Otherwise it is impossible to survive rebellions. But once you defeat the rebellious vassals, you can revoke their titles. After that everything should be easier.

Swearing fealty to the Holy Roman Emperor is other option but not really recommended.

13. Wessex


This time I wish the present you the 867 start, Wessex. Character options are Earl Alfred Aethelwulfson of Dorset or Petty King Aethelred Aethelwulfson of Wessex. You can play as either of these brothers. In the end, they are each others heir.

Vikings are pushing the south! Can you survive these attacks and raids? Dynasty Cerdicing, House Wessex is ready!

Remember, Wessex is one of the two hard starts of the 867. So, this campaign is only recommended for experienced players.

14. Munster


One of the most nations in 1066 start is Munster. Crusader Kings 3 tutorial is also happening in this country. It is an easy start but fun nonetheless.

Petty King Murchad mac Donnchad of Munster is in Dynasty Dal gCais and from House Briain.

Uniting Ireland is relatively easy on this campaign because the island is really divided. After uniting the tribes and forming the kingdom of Ireland, you can choose where to go from there. Your position allows you to play very diverse.

15. Norway


1066 Norway start is an interesting one. Your game starts in a war of England succession. England is invaded by both Normans and Norwegians. Well, winner takes it all. As the King Harald IV “Hard Ruler” of Norway, you must defeat both Normans and Englishman to rule the kingdom of England.

Can Dynasty Yngling, House Yngling rule both Scandinavia and England?

In order to win this battle, I don’t engage in combat before Normans and Englishmen wear down each other. After that I scoop in and install myself to the English throne.

16. Denmark


King Svend II Ulfsen of Denmark has claims on both kingdom of Norway and kingdom of England. However, his armies are really small. In order to fulfill this three kingdoms destiny, one must find powerful allies. Since Ulfsen has 15 children, I believe this goal can be easily accomplished.

Dynasty Estrid and Estrid awaits you in 1066!

17. Holy Roman Empire

hre ck3

Holy Roman Empire only exists in the 1066 start. Kaiser Heinrich IV of the Holy Roman Empire

Dynasty and House Salian motto is:

Splendor, Respect, and Faith.

Europa Universalis 4 players like me would enjoy this HRE run in Crusader Kings 3.

18. Montaigu


Montaigu is a fun start because you have invade kingdom casus belli and lots of soldiers. So, you can invade almost anywhere you want and settle there. Including Italy, Spain, France, England, Morocco, Lothringia, etc.

Count Haesteinn of Montaigu is a brilliant strategist with overpowered martial skill. Haesteining dynasty and house awaits you at the 867 interesting start.

19. Asturias


Kingdom of Asturias is in pretty bad position. Umayyad sultanate almost ruling the entire Spain. Also as known as Andalusia.

King Adelfonso III Ordonniz of Asturias must start reconquista in order to defeat the Umayyad. Dynasty Lywigildiana and House Cantabria must find allies in order to drive Muslim empire away from Iberia.

Cantabria motto is

God Avenge Me

in 867.

20. Umayyad


Final Crusader Kings 3 fun nation in our list is the Umayyad Sultanate.

Sultan Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Rahman of the Umayyad Sultanate rules almost all of the Iberia. Can this conquest continue against the crusades? It is up to you.

This campaign starts at 867. Dynasty and house Umayyad is also direct descendant of the Prophet. Therefore they have the inheritable trait Sayyid.

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