CK3 Famous Dynasties

ck3 dynasties

CK3 most famous and interesting dynasties are listed below for you to play! This isn’t Europe Universalis 4. Neither nation, nor lands matter. Dynasty is all that matters in Crusade Kings 3. There are lots of historical dynasties to choose in Crusader Kings 3 but I made this list so that you can choose the most fun ones.

CK3 Most Fun Nations

Best CK3 famous dynasties:

1. Von Habsburg

Habsburg dynasty founded in 985 AD by Count Radbot of Aargau. House Habsburg motto:


That means “All the World is subject o Austria”, in German “Alles Erdreich ist Österreich untertan or Austriae est imperare orbi universo”. That motto become a thing much later but it seems they decided to put it in game anyway.

You can play as Habsburg in 1066 start by choosing the county of Aargu in Holy Roman Empire. Starting with only one county makes it really hard to migrate and rule Austria, then of course the empire. However, this would be a great challenge for the experienced Crusader Kings 3 players.

2. Karling

Dynasty Karling founded in 557 AD by Arnold. Karling house motto:

From All My Heart

Carolingian or Karling dynasty was a Frankish noble family, direct descendants of the legendary Charlmagne. Empire divided in 867 interesting start. Trying to unite the empire is one of the must fun campaign in Crusader Kings 3.

In 1066 start, Kingdom of France hosts the last Karling ruler as the count of Vermandois. Restoring the Karling dynasty in 1066 might be one of the hardest aspiration in CK3.

3. Hohenzollern

Dynasty Hohenzollern founded in 1030 AD by Burchard. Hohenzollern motto:

Heaven, Not the Earthly Realm

Playing as Hohenzollern is a bit tricky. You need to do character swap which is unavailable in the ironman gameplays.

So, first choose a character in 1066 and don’t unpause the game. Then press C button and type Hohenzollern to the character finder screen. You will find the unlanded character Friedrich von Hohenzollern. Simply click on his name and find out which court he is at. Because each save puts him to a different court. Finally, simply choose his overlord as a player character, give him a title, and switch your payer character to Friedrich von Hohenzollern. Ta da! Now you can play as the only living member of Hohenzollern dynasty in Crusader Kings 3.

4. Normandie

Dynasty Normandie founded in 846 AD by Hrolfr. House Normandie motto:

We Carve Runes of Njord’s Rich Seas

Norse house motto for a Christian family? Well, dynast is founded by legendary viking Rollo (Hrolfr), who invaded Normandy and settled with his fellow vikings.

Normandie house and dynasty head is the legendary William II “the Bastard” of Normandy. Also known as the William the conqueror. He was the first Norman monarch of England, reigning from 1066 to his death. Normandie dynasty have managed to rule England several hundreds years after that.

His third son “William “the Red” was his successor historically. But most of the time, it isn’t the case in Crusader Kings 3.

5. Af Munsö

Münso dynasty founded in 826 AD by Jarl Björn “Ironside” of Uppland. House Munsö motto:

Baldur’s Light is our Hammer

Björn was the most famous son of legendary viking Ragnar Lothbrok. He ruled, raided, and fought in many battles. His expedition to the Mediterranean made him wordwide famous as the first viking raided Mediterranean.

6. House Solomonid

Solomonid dynasty founded in 620 AD by Negus Degna Mikael of Abyssinia. House Solomonid motto:

Bold With Sword in Hand

Solomonic dynasty claims that they are the lineal descendants of the King Solomon and Queen Sheba.

In case you didn’t know, Solomon is a prophet both mentioned in Talmud and Quran.

Also this dynasty formed Ethiopian empire in 1270. The dynasty lasted until 1974. After all it is pretty interesting dynasty to play in Cruder Kings 3.

7. Capet

House Capet was founded in 939 AD by King Hugues of France. Capet motto:

Pleasure Without Malice

It is also as know as House France. This is one of the oldest dynasty in Europe. House Capet ruled France from 987 to 1328. After that throne went to the other Capet branches. Such as house of Valois, Bourbon, and Orleans.

In the end, Capetian dynasty rule France from 987 to 1792, until the French revolution of course. Then again, after Napoleons death, from 1814 to 1848.

8. Bagrationi

House Bagrationi founded in 260 AD by Smbat. Bagrationi motto:

May Family Join my Coat of Arms

One of the oldest dynasty in Crusader Kings 3 is the Bagrationi. This dynasty is ruling the same region in both 867 and 1066 starts. This Armenian dynasty is believed to be the cadet branch of Orontid dynasty which have founded in 6th century BC.

9. Wittelsbach

Founded in 1032 AD by Count Otto of Rothenburg. House Wittelsbach motto:

God Defend Me

Wittelsbach is a royal Bavarian dynasty. They ruled many counties and kingdom in time. Such as Bavaria, Palatinate, Holland, Zeeland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Romania, Bohemia, Cologne, and Greece.

Small county of Rothenburg.

10. Wettin

Founded in 934 AD by Dietrich. House Wettin motto:

Might, Peace, and Salvation

Did you knew that the current British Royal family is descended from the House Wettin? Not only that, current Belgian royal family is also descended of dynasty Wettin. How strange is that?

You can play as the leader of house Wettin, Konrad Wettin in 1066 CK3 start. House of Wettin is a Germany dynasty that once ruled the present day German states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thruingia. This dnyasty is one of the oldest dynasties of Europe and rose to power within the Holy Roman Empire. Also rulers of this dynast ruled United Kingdom, Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, Saxony, and Belgium.

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