Games About Knights and Knighthood

Those who are interested in the history of knighthood, check out the best games about knights and knighthood orders.

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Knight was most honorable title you can get in the medieval era. It could only be granted by the head of state or the Pope himself. I don’t think there is a modern equivalent to the medieval knighthood in terms of honor, respect, and nobility. That’s the very reason it’s a fascinating part of history. At least we have literature, movies, TV series, and video games about knights and knighthood in this day and age.


I mean, yes, the knight title still presents even in 2023. However, it’s given to random people such as Hollywood actors, musicians, CEOs, lawyers, and government higher-ups. Basically, knight title is just in the name. I would call it a live action role playing…

10 best knight & knighthood games:

1. Prophesy of Pendor


Prophesy of Pendor is the best Mount & Blade Warband mod ever. It completely replaces the map, tows, villages, lords, quests, encounters, factions, and main story. But the main thing of Pendor is the knighthood system.

To become and recruit knights in Prophesy of Pendor, you must have high honor, gain spendable renown, increase your relationship with the knighthood of your choice and do their quest.

There are 19 knighthoods in Pendor. Each has unique armor, unique weapons, and specializations.

I will say Pendor is better than Mount & Blade Bannerlord for real.

2. Kingdom Come Deliverance


You actually start as a nobody in the Kingdom Come Deliverance. But you end up being a knight by the mid-game.

It’s literally the most realistic medieval RPG ever. You can start as a mere peasant and become the ultimate knight.

The gameplay is perfect too. I will say it’s almost Skyrim like. You do quests and roam freely in the open-world medieval Holy Roman Empire.

3. Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3 is a medieval RPG about dynasties, ruling, and court life. Of course, there is war aspect in it too.

As a ruler, you can have many knights. They can be nobles from your realm, your family members, or simply hired warriors. But unfortunately, you can’t serve as a knight since you’re the ruler / commander.

You can also create holy orders like Knight Templars, Knights Hospitaller, Teutonic Order, and more.

One more thing, you can assign acclaimed knights! Acclaimed knight means knighted by the ruler himself. Also, more privileges and duties.

All in all, CK3 is very nice if you’re looking for a game where you can micro-manage knights. Realm too.


4. 1428: Shadows over Silesia


Hospitaller Knight

5. Path to Knighthood



6. The Road to Canterbury



7. Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc


Joan of Arc (French: Jeanne d’Arc) was a famous saint and knight who was actually a peasant once. What makes her interesting is the fact that she was a unique military leader who transcended the taboo gender roles of medieval Europe.

She has fought in the Hundred Years’ War and become the symbol of resistance because of her role in the siege of Orleans.

As for the game itself, it’s featuring the story of Joan of Arc in a linear story with action / strategy focused gameplay.

It’s released in 2004 and pretty old. However, it’s a gem in my view because there aren’t any other Joan of Arc themed games.

8. Knights & Outlaws



9. DAO



10. Skyrim


Skyrim is the most popular fantasy RPG ever. You can literally become anything in it. Such as warrior, barbarian, mage, summoner, archer, assassin, paladin, druid, necromancer, knight, etc.

It’s possible to become a knight in Skyrim by getting a shiny plate armor set and a sword. The choices must be made accordingly too. Because knights are honorable.

However, for real-deal knight gameplay, you need mods. Try knight armor mods, knight companions, castle home mods, and even knight-themed quest mods.

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