Best Divinity Original Sin 2 Gunpowder mods listed for you. Some are lore friendly, some are not, and some are mixed. But certainly they are really fun to play with.

Have you ever wished you had a firearm and be able shoot your enemies in Divinity Original Sin 2? Or perhaps you wished you could shoot Bree in Driftwood… So that she can finally stop thinking about it too much… Well, all of us wanted that possibility. Finally we have a opportunity to wreak havoc on both foes and residents of Divinity Original Sin 2 with firearm weapons.

Best firearm, flintlock, pistol, rifle, gunpowder, and gun mods for Divinity Original Sin 2:

3. Weapon Expansion

One of the best expansions of Divinity Original Sin 2 happens to be the weapon expansion mod. This mod basically adds tons of new weapons, skills, armors, items, new mastery system, and much much more.

They are amazing. Especially the firearm weapons are absolutely stunning in this package. You can expect amazing firearm from this mod, such as runic cannon, marksman’s rifle, blunderbuss, and portable cannon.

Not to mention this mod comes with it’s own mastery system. And that is what makes this mod much more immersive to play with.

2. The Musketeer

Number 2 is one of my favorite, the musketeer mod. As can be seen on the title, this mod is makes you a musketeer in Divinity Original Sin 2. Muskets are fascinating relics lookswise. I would love to use them in Divinity Original Sin 2.

The musketeer is actually a class mod. There are 15 new unique skills coming with this mod that can only be used with firearms. For this purpose, it adds muskets, matchlock, and blunderbuss for you to choose between. Even more, the musketeer mod adds 6 new ammos to your game. Similar to the archery system but much more fun. After all, these are muskets! As soon as you install it, you will love it. Especially the brand new ammunition bar panel.

1. Assault Handcannon

Latest and hottest gunpowder mod in Divinity Original Sin 2 is assault handcannon. This mod adds powerful handheld mini cannon to your game. Mini cannon is capable of firing high velocity metal shards, and explosives.

Assault handcannon mod comes with an awesome cannon, rocket, new trader, 24 new spells, belts, items, and skill books. So, if you want something big and something powerful with destructive power, then assault hand cannon mod is exactly what you want. Bring mayhem and destruction to the DOS2 universe.

By the way this mod edits arrow items that must be remembered. Also make sure to put it on top of your mod priority list to avoid any complications.

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