Skyrim is vast and gets lonely from time to time. It is good to have companion by your side on your journeys in Skyrim. However, each and every available follower in Skyrim is bland. Their dialogues gets repetitive after a hour or two. And that’s why your best companion choice should be one of the fully custom voiced follower mods.


There are tons of follower mods out there for Skyrim. But of course only a handful of them are fully custom voiced by voice artists. I have listed best of the best so that you can enjoy your Skyrim Special Edition playthrough with an amazing companion or companions.

Best Skyrim Special Edition custom voiced follower mods:

1. Inigo


Inigo is the most popular Skyrim follower of all times. Furthermore, with over +7000 unique voice lines, Inigo is by far the most in-depth voiced follower in Skyrim Special Edition.

Our khajiit friend will comment accordingly on almost every situation on Skyrim. He even whispers when you are sneaking in order to avoid being detected. If you haven’t played Skyrim with Inigo on your side before, you should definitely try him on your next playthrough.

2. Auri


Auri song of the green is a standalone fully voiced follower mod with over 800 voiced dialogue lines. She can talk with Inigo and even more, Auri has her own questline.

Lastly make sure to get Auri re-imaged mod for much much better visual experience. That would make her look beautiful like in the screenshot above.

3. Lucien


Lucien is a custom voiced follower mod for Skyrim Special Edition with over 3000 voiced line, almost similarly to Inigo. Also he comes with 2 new quests, training system, mount and with his own follower system.

Above all, Lucien talks with both Inigo and Auri followers. My favorite trio. Obviously you need a good pc to journey with 3 standalone custom followers. Check out his mod page here.

4. Kaidan


Kaidan is a handsome, romantic companion mod in Skyrim Special Edition. He is very immersive and can be a companion or a lover to your dragonborn.

Kaidan in brief is a companion with his own quests, mechanics, home, and custom voice with over 1200 lines. His mod page can be found here.

5. Sofia


Most endorsed follower mod on Skyrim Legendary Edition was Sofia. Now she is back for Special Edition.

Despite being boastful, Sofia is really fun follower to have with her humorous and witty character. Also she can sing for dragonborn and can get drunk.

Sofia follower mod page can be found here, it’s only 88MB.

6. Recorder


With over +700 recorded lines, Recorder is a fun to have follower with exciting background.

Recorder is a student from a mysterious academy. She is in Skyrim now because she is sent here to record Dragonborn’s adventures.

Mod page here. To list Recorder features:

  • Questline.
  • Romance questline.
  • Pony.
  • Commentary on many things and taunts for enemies.

7. Mirai


Mirai – the girl with the dragon heart is a custom voiced follower for Skyrim Special Edition. She has over +1000 voiced dialogue lines. Moreover, she have her own home, questline, custom dress, special powers, etc.

In order to start her questline and recruit her, first you must become a dragonborn and meet the graybeards. Because her questline is highly related with dragon business. Mirai official page here.

8. Seductress Faye


Are you a vampire? Do you want a vampire follower? If so then you will enjoy the fully voiced Skyrim Special Edition follower Seductress Faye.

She has hundreds of custom voiced sexy dialogues. Basically Faye is an adult intended mod, make sure to remember that. Faye’s mod download page.

9. Vilja


Vilja is a young bard and a follower with her own questline. Those who played Oblivion may even remember her from Cyrodiil. Well, not her but her great-great-grandmother.

Now great-great-granddaughter is back for Skyrim Special Edition. Vilja isn’t the best fighter. However, she can sing and play instruments for you and have her own quests.

By the way Vilja has tons of unique dialogues with Inigo. Find out more about her here.

10. M’rissi


M’rissi is an unique follower with 8 hours of questline with 3 different endings. Additionally she has immersive and lore-friendly 2000 voiced lines.

M’rissi’s tails of troubles is half quest half follower mod. Get ready for tons of interesting content such as new locations, items, mounts, npcs, drawings, books, maid, and much more. Visit here for mod description.

11. Livia Salvian


Yet another custom voiced follower for Skyrim Special Edition, Livia Salvian. She has +1500 quality custom voiced dialogues. And of course tons of content like personal quest, romance, armor, singing, etc.

So, in conclusion, Livia Salvian is a fine voiced companion and her mod-page can be found here.

12. Caesia


Caesia is a custom voiced, cocky, and mysterious mage follower for Skyrim Special Edition.

To list her features:

  • Over 730 lines of dialogue.
  • Disposition system.
  • Quest.

After all if you wish to learn more details about her, you can simply check out Caesia mod-page on nexus mods website.

13. Hoth


Looking for a badass warmongering companion? Look no further. As can be seen he is really brutal companion to travel with, old bounty hunter, and an adventurer.

He is fully voiced and one of a kind companion with his own bounty contract quests. Get this mod here.

14. Loonashadow

loonashadow sse

LoonaShadow is a dialogue aware follower with her own custom voicing. Besides there is a small chance that you might remember her. After all you’ve met her in Rigmor of Cyrodiil/Dragonchild if you played the mods. LoonaShadow name is mentioned several times during your adventures with Rigmor.

At last she is a standalone follower. Visit her page here.

15. Lilissa the Druid

lilissa sse

Lilissa Snowflower or in other words Lilissa the Druid is a Skyrim Special Edition follower. She comes with her own quest, marriage, outfit, and follower system. Not to mention she has a voice set with well over a hundred of location aware commentary.

As shown above she is a beautiful elven companion. Her download page can be found here.

16. Nerida


Nerida is an imperial archer located in Whiterun – Dragonsreach dungeon. Troublemaker Nerida follower mod-page is here.

Her voice is the customized version of vanilla female young eager voice. However, she is not like regular followers in main Skyrim, believe me. Instead she has her own special dialogues that makes her unique.

17. Arissa


Arissa the wandering rogue is an imperial follower. Moreover she has more than 600 professionally recorded lines and location/quest aware.

Also Arissa is inspired by Dawnguard Serana and you can get her from here.

18. Lilly


Lilly is not only a follower but also she is a fully voiced courier replacer for Skyrim Special Edition. Since she is a replacer and not a standalone follower, you might want so say good bye to the good old courier dude. Looks lihe that’s it, got to go.

Lilly is a vampire character and occasionally will feed on NPC’s. Obviously with an exception of player character.

19. Yennefer


Yes she is the Yennefer from Witcher series. Yennefer of Vengerberg is back for Skyrim Special Edition.

Eventually mod community decided to bring this beautiful in depth character to Skyrim. Obviously with her own unique model and her own voices from Witcher series. Check out her nexus page.

20. Luna


Luna is an archer, trainer, trader, and a follower!

She uses vanilla sexy female sultry voice. However, her voice is highly edited and expanded. So that her dialogues feels completely different and realistic.

Sensual little mouse and marksman mistress Luna’s mod page can be found here.

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