Most Likeable Game Companions

Top 10 video game companion NPCs loved by all gamers.

most loved gaming companions

Most games especially the RPGs are much more fun when you travel with an NPC companion. So, which NPCs are the best ones? I’ve shared the ranking of most likeable game companions below. The ranking is not just my opinions but the general consensus of most popular video game companions.


Some NPCs are suck too. They don’t follow you normally, get stuck in places, die easily, leave cover to rush death traps, etc. Luckly AI is getting better and better. We will not suffer dumb NPCs anymore in the near future!

10 best companion NPCs in gaming:

1. Alyx

Half-Life 2 2004 and Half-Life 2: EP2 2007… She was the first NPC character I’ve really bonded with! No other NPC will ever surpass her. She’s so good that she got her own game! (Half Life Alyx)


2. Lydia

She was mine and many other players first companion in Skyrim. She doesn’t talk too much, not really strong, but she’s also very loyal!


I’m sworn to carry your burdens. – Lydia the Housecarl


3. Alistair


4. Jackie Welles


He is a bro.

5. Liara T’Soni


My blue space waifu! Now I have a thing for aliens because of you Liara!


6. Elizabeth



7. Gale



You must collect BG3 Gale artifacts in order to prevent him from slipping into the dark side.

Baldur’s Gate 3

8. Lohse


9. Nick Valentine


Fallout 4


10. Eder


Pillars of Eternity


Eder is awesome just because he plays with the pets, also he makes a crack about feeding feeding durance to an undead which made me laugh. Probably the most likeable companion.
Down to earth guy.

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