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party size extender bg3

Baldur’s Gate 3 group limit is 4. One player character and 3 companions 1 + 3. That means 2 of the available companions must be wait at the camp. Because of that in the end you are gonna miss a lot of content. Such as companion quests, backstories, and group dialogues. If you like to travel with all of the companions you need party size extender for Baldur’s Gate 3. Party size extender simply modifies your save files group limit. This little modification on your save file, allows you to extend your party limit to 6 or more. So that you can travel with each and every available companion.

Baldur’s Gate 3 voice actors did really god job. Especially with the companions. So, don’t let any of these amazing comrades rot in the camp, gather your party, and venture forth. Baldur’s Gate 3 party size mod will help you do that.

Party Size Limit – Baldur’s Gate 3

Party size limit for Baldur’s Gate 3 is only four. Game simply not allows you to recruit more members to your group. Surprisingly there aren’t any mods that increases this limit. I hope there will be a mod that allows you to extended your party size for Baldur’s Gate 3. Without an official mod support, this doesn’t seems so likely. However, there is one way to increase your party character limit. It’s called XPartySize.

XPartySize is not a mod or an application. That’s just a simple modification on your save file. Baldur’s Gate 3 party size limits defined in your save files. You can edit your save file and edit that row to change your party limit. So that you can recruit all origin characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 to your party. But be careful and read my guide thoroughly. You don’t want to corrupt your save file. Of course first, make sure to back-up your save files.

XPartySize Installation Guide

BG3 part size extender is not my finding nor my doing. I have learned about XPartySize from nexus site, under the Baldur’s Gate 3 mod category. All credits goes to u-Synyster328, logosworks, tomaatoo23 and norbyte. It’s all tested and confirmed. Party size updated installation guide is all you need. This is working %100. So, lets begin XPartySize installation guide.

Baldur’s Gate 3 save files located in:

>Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur’s Gate 3\PlayerProfiles\your profile\Savegames folder.

Make sure to copy and back-up your save game files before editing for party limit. Now in order to edit Baldur’s Gate 3 save files, you need Norbyte’s export tool which can be found here. Download it, unpack the archive and open ConverterApp.exe. This tool will allow you to implement Baldur’s Gate 3 6 man party mod.

First you must choose the game from above. Select Baldur’s Gate 3 and go to Story (OSI tools) tab. Now you see Story / save game file path. From there you must choose your save game for editing. Make sure to copy and back-up your save game before editing because one misstep might corrupt your save file and make it unplayable. After choosing your save game press load. Once it loaded successfully, press save again to make sure it is editable. If you get an error, open run ConverterApp as administrator. Lastly, if it fails again you need to get latest Norbyte’s Export Tool.

Now you must find DB_Origins_MaxPartySize in the database editor. Its usually between row 800 and 900. This might change depending on your game version and save. However, the row you need to edit is called DB_Origins_MaxPartySize. Simply choose it and edit the party size limit.

X Party Size – 6 Character Party

You can type 6 or any other number. Although 6 is enough. Because there are only 5 companions at the moment. And with the player character available party member number becomes six total. After editing the party size limit on your Baldur’s Gate 3 save game, just press save and exit. It’s done! You can launch Baldur’s Gate 3 and load your edited save game. Now basically you can go to your camp and recruit everyone to your group. If they refuse joining your group claiming you are full. Just remove everyone from your party and re-recruit. Eventually that will fix this small bug and allow you to recruit each and every available companions. This guide should allow you to increase Baldur’s Gate 3 party size.

Time to wrap this guide up. Thanks for reading Baldur’s Gate 3 party size extender guide! But before ending this article, I must tell you about bugs. With the latest update patch 4, going to sleep with more than 6 party members will not work. To overcome this bug you must dismiss extra members from your party before going to sleep. If you do that you won’t have any problems. But im pretty sure that this bug will be fixed soon. Now I hope you enjoy your new 6 character group.

You can also check Baldur’s Gate 3 mod install guide if you have troubles installing mods. Leave a comment if you like. Let’s meet each other again soon.

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