RPG Games Where You Can Have a Family

Here is the list of role-playing games in which you can have spouse, children, and family. Happiness is one click away!

rpgs where you can have children

Having family in video games is an interesting concept. You can have as many children as you want and have no real obligation! Ha ha. So, are there any role-playing games that are emulating real-life and let you have family. Yes, there are plenty. You’ll find 20 best RPG games where you can have a family on this page below.

Best thing about RPGs where you can have children is the fact that you can play as the children when your character dies. Leading a dynasty through generations is quite fun and fulfilling experience.


An RPG in which you can have family is my niche genre. I hope they make more games like that. Till then, let’s stick to the games that have the option.

10 RPG games where you can have family in it:

1. Crusader Kings 3


Crusader Kings 3 is my favorite Paradox game ever. It’s perfectly designed, and I can’t stop playing. In fact, I’ve recently released an article on why Paradox games are addictive. It’s quite complex but in sum, they’re addictive because they’re so good.

It’s a realistic medieval RPG in which you can choose a historical ruler from the start dates of 867 or 1066. That means you can choose from +500 characters. Because you’re not limited to picking main ruler only. For example, you can choose an emperor, or his king, or the duke below him, or the count below the duke. It’s best to start from bottom and rise your way up for the most fun.

The game is medieval grand strategy but surprisingly it’s not about conquering. Crusader Kings series focus on court life, dynasty, and role playing.

So, about family, you can have the biggest family in Crusader Kings 3. And when your character dies, your children will inherit your lands and titles.

The marriage in Crusader Kings 3 is all about bloodlines. You want smarter generations? Marry a smart character. Or perhaps you want taller, stronger, or beautiful children. Then marry accordingly. Though sometimes you might marry your children with Emperor’s leper children for securing alliances…

2. Medieval Dynasty


Find a nice girl from the village and make a living together!

Medieval Dynasty is a game where you start from nothing, only to achieve greatness. You build your village and dynasty from scratch. Unlock dynasty perks, building, and amassing wealth then pass it to your heir… It’s really satisfying.

What else? Oh, you must also try to survive in the harsh medieval environment. In order to do that you must hunt, gather resources, farm, craft equipment’s, and defend against wildlife.

3. Sims 4


The Sims is the biggest life simulation franchise. There is no doubt about that. What’s more, Sims is actually a role-playing game, probably one of the best. Because you can create your character and role-play anyway you want in a reactive modern world.

As expected from the best life simulation, you can have families in Sims, and play as your children when your main character dies. It’s the only game set in modern times where you can play for generations after generations. All other dynasty games are basically set in medieval times. Therefore, Sims 4 offers a unique experience like non other.

Sims 4 is free to play on Steam but without DLCs it’s an empty shell. Though there are third party ways to unlock all DLC for free. Better make sure to use a fresh Steam account if you’re going to try alternative ways. Which I don’t recommend.

4. Skyrim


You can get married and adopt kids in Skyrim. It’s a mechanic introduces with the Hearthfire expansion. If you don’t want to adopt, you can get a mod called Fertility Mode which introduces pregnancy and babies to Skyrim.

Fertility Mode allows you to get pregnant or make your spouse pregnant. After a while a baby is born, and it grows into a Hearthfire-compatible children.

What’s more, you can craft potions of fertility, reduced fertility, birth control, etc. What a mod!

5. Guilds 3


The Guild 3 without a doubt is the best medieval business simulation. You start as a peasant and open up your first business in the village. As you make money, you can open more businesses, diversify, and even move your businesses into the city. Then it’s possible to rise through the ranks of medieval society with the money you make.

Of course, in the meantime you can expand your dynasty so that your succession is safe. But the best thing about the Guild 3 is nepotism. Once you get into the position of power, you can get other members of your dynasty in. For example, a major can assign a judge a judge can vote for a council assistant. You can assign your family members to all positions of power with nepotism! That’s why I like The Guild 3 so much.

6. Stardew Valley


You probably know that the Stardew Valley is a farming game. It’s the most relaxing and chill game you’ll ever play. So, don’t delay, pick up your old grandpa’s farmhouse, renovate, and bring it to its former glory!

There are many farming RPGs like Stardew Valley, but most of them don’t have the variety of options Stardew Valley has. One of the options is of course having a family.

Stardew Valley has 6 bachelorettes, and 6 bachelors makes it total 12 spouse option. You can have children after marriage if you’ve upgraded your Farmhouse twice. Because second upgrade adds nursey and an extra room. Same gender couples will adopt whereas opposite gender have biological children in Stardew Valley.

7. Mount and Blade Bannerlord


Mount & Blade is a medieval RPG franchise. You start as a mercenary, form your warband, become a vassal, and eventually become a king.

You could marry in Mount & Blade: Warband but could not have children. That is changed in the Bannerlord. Now you can have children and play as your children when your character dies.

Children in Mount&Blade: Bannerlord are considered minors from birth until the age of 18. Then they inherit parents’ features, can marry, and become eligible to succeed you,

8. Wildermyth


Wildermyth is a party-based procedural storytelling RPG with tactical combat. In the game, you control group of heroes. These heroes can marry and have children. And when the children grow up, you can recruit them to the party so that you can retire older party members.

Each hero in Wildermyth has their own history, personality, and romance interests. Since everything is procedurally generated such as heroes, characters, enemies, story events, and maps, Wildermyth offers endless replayability.

9. Kynseed


Kynseed is life sim sandbox RPG with 2d pixel graphics. In it you can raise a family, farm the land, run a business, cook, craft, and build your legacy. It’s quite similar to the Stardew Valley. Actually, Kynseed has more things to do in it than Stardew Valley

All in all, Kynseed is a fun farming / life simulation.

10. Massive Chalice


Massive Chalice is a tactical strategy game set on an epic fantasy world. You’re the Immortal ruler of the nation, just like God Emperor of Dune.

Take command of your heroes, forge heroic marriages to strengthen the bloodlines, and battle evil forces in a 300-year war.

Your heroes will eventually die, either by sword or by old age. When they die children will inherit the role and bloodline relics.

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