Viking RPG Games to Play in 2023

10 games to role play as mighty Viking warrior.

viking rpg games

You want a role-playing game where you can be a legendary Viking warrior? Then you’re in the right place. Because I’ve listed the 10 best Viking RPG games to play in 2023 on this article.

Viking life is full of thrill. Fight, raid, explore, conquer, and write your own saga! If you are interested in Viking and Norse history, this will quickly become your favorite gaming genre.


I wish there were more Viking games out there. Though some of the sandbox Viking RPGs listed below can take hundreds, even thousands of hours of your time with you even noticing.

10 Viking RPGs:

1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the best Viking game ever. It’s also the one and only triple A Viking game.

Become Eivor, a legendary Viking. Raid your enemies, grow your settlement, and build your fame. Valhalla is not a regular Assassin’s Creed game. It’s an RPG and Viking simulator.

As a fan of the TV series Vikings, I had so much fun playing the Valhalla. So, if you haven’t played Valhalla yet, play it, and if you haven’t watched Vikings, go and watch it. You won’t be disappointed.

2. Crusader Kings III


Crusader Kings 3 is a 4x grand strategy dynasty simulator. You choose a historical character and rule till death. But death is not the end, your heir will take up the rule, and bloodline will prevail.

Crusader Kings 3 wrath of the Northman campaign features the story of Ragnarr’s sons set sail for England to avenge their father. Some of the famous Vikings from history to choose on your next CK3 Viking campaign:

Will you lay all of England under Norse rule, or vanquish the Great Heathen Army from Anglo-Saxon soil?

3. The Banner Saga Series


Live through an epic PRG Viking saga where your choices directly affect your personal journey.

Varl Vognir and his companions must escort prince Ludin to the capital Grofheim in order to seal an alliance. You’ll be making allies, enemies, and hard choices as you travel with your caravan across the stunning Nordic world.

The Banner Saga series currently consist of 3 beautiful games. Therefore, I’m sure this franchise will satisfy your Viking role-playing cravings.

4. Expeditions: Viking


The game is set in Circa 790 AD. A small band of Vikings lands on the shores of England. As their leader, your choices will determine the future of your clan. So, decide how will history remember you in this epic party-based RPG.

Not all Vikings are mindless killers, you have choices. Raiding or trading? War or politics? Each action you take will affect your reputation.

There is one goal though, survival of your clan!

5. UnReal World


UnReal World is a real-deal hardcore RPG taking place in the ancient North. It’s a game about wilderness survival in a roguelike manner.

As a one person, you must build you cabin from scratch, start fire to stay warm and cook, hunt, lay traps for animals, and fish. Once the base is set, you can go on exploring! Quests, traders, items, and materials for further developing your base can be found all over the world. But be careful, there is no respawning in this game. Think before every step you take, because if you die in UnReal world, you stay dead.

In 2016 the game is released on Steam and still in development since 1992.

6. Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy is a squad based RTS heavily focused on tactics.

It’s a Viking game about conquering, raiding, pillaging, and building a base. Battles in this game is amazing. Especially the cinematic action camera takes it to next level.

RPG elements of Ancestors Legacy are minimal and reset after completing missions. However, there aren’t many Viking games and I needed to include this one to this small list.


7. Mount & Blade: Warband – Viking Conquest

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One of the best medieval combat RPGs is Mount & Blade franchise. Closest faction to Vikings is Nords in M&B: Warband, and Sturgians in Bannerlord. However, Mount & Blade: Warband DLC Viking Conquest offers the real deal Viking experience.

M&B: Viking Conquest features:

8. Battle Brothers – Northern Raiders


Battle Brothers is basically Mount & Blade in turn-based combat. Also, BB have richer story, lore, and background information for various things you encounter in-game.

Even though the game is not specifically Viking game, one of its starting campaigns is called Northern Raiders. Which is a Viking campaign with barbarian companions, pillaging, and raiding.

9. Valheim


Let’s continue with a super popular game. In case you haven’t heard it before, Valheim is an open-world survival crafting game. Valheim is Minecraft in 3D with Viking elements, that’s the best way of describing this game.

Battle, improve, craft, build, and conquer co-op with up to 10 other people. Once you feel ready, start sailing and exploring!

The game offers epic boss battles, legendary Viking gear, sandbox base-building, beautiful Nordic world, and more.

10. Tribes of Midgard


Tribes of Midgard is a survival action RPG that can be played solo or with up to 9 other players.

In this game you build your home base, craft legendary items, and embark on an epic journey as a true Viking warrior.

The game is focused on fantasy aspects of Vikings. So, you’ll be fighting many bosses and their minions from the old Nordic Sagas.

What are you waiting for? Ragnarok awaits!

I did not include Skyrim to this list because it’s not a Viking game. However, with couple of mods, you can turn Skyrim into a Viking RPG game. Simply google Skyrim Viking RPG load order and you will find the best mods.


If you find or know any other Viking RPG, do let me know by commenting below. See you later!

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