What HOI4 DLC To Get?

Most important Hearts of Iron IV expansion and DLC.

hoi4 dlc to get

People keep asking what HOI4 DLC should i buy? Which HOI4 DLC should i get? Well, it depends on what kind of content you are looking for. Me personally, not interested in graphics makeover, music, or unit packs. All I care about is game content. Therefore HOI4 expansion DLC is what I care about. So, on this page, I will try and help you determine what HOI4 DLC to get.


Currently HOI4 have 16 downloadable content. Some of them are:

As you can see these are music, unit, and graphic make-over downloadable contents. They are irrelevant to the game mechanics, therefore I skip them. However, if you are die hard HOI4 fan you can buy them too. As long as you have money to spend. But the main DLC content, the expansions are more important.

HOI4 Which DLC to Get?

Paradox always releases their games empty. Like EU4, HOI4, CK3, and Stellaris. Then, fills them with content via DLC. It is an interesting monetize policy, I give them that. But after a while, the content that should be free costs a lot in total. Anyway, let us get the most important or perhaps mandatory ones to play.

As I have said before, HOI4 have 16 DLC and more are coming. But what really matters are expansions. Because expansions adds new functions, mechanics, focus trees, events, and such to the game.

Now you are probably asking which HOI4 DLC is the best? I mean, in order to fully enjoy HOI4, you need to buy all 7 expansion DLC I have mentioned above.

Which HOI4 expansion to buy? – All of them. – Lucrorpg

Of course you can always subscribe monthly. Unlock all the DLC for a month for a small price. I mean, if you are going to have a huge break from your job or school, the DLC subscription method is really advantageous.

Are HOI4 DLC Worth It?

HOI4 with no DLC is unplayable. Therefore expansion DLC are totally worth it. Another question, HOI4 do you need DLC? I mean you can play without DLC and have fun. However, you will miss lots of functions, systems, events, focus trees, etc. That is why I believe in order to fully enjoy HOI4 experience you need DLC.

HOI4 DLC, especially expansions totally worth it because without any DLC, HOI4 is an empty husk. That is their policy. Release a basic, limited game. Then sell the imperative functions that should already be available to the vanilla game in the first place.

All in all, if you are fan of games like HOI4 and ready to invest time, I say they worth it. Because HOI4 is really good game and highly replayable. Especially with the alternate history mods.


Thank you for reading! Make sure to leave your nice comment and favorite DLC below. Mine’s are expansions and Sabaton music because they are awesome!

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