What is Isometric RPG? What Does Isometric RPG Mean?

what is isometric rpg

There are some advantages to isometric RPG gaming, particularly if you like fast-paced action. An isometric RPG game is a game where you view the action from a low angle, often on a plane that is not horizontal. In an isometric RPG, you have the advantage of a lower level of detail, and the ability to move around in an isometric way, which is very useful for an action-packed game. But isometric RPG also has disadvantages.


Isometric RPG Disadvantages

The first disadvantage of isometric RPGs is that many games are quite slow. If your computer is not powerful enough to run a fast game, then an isometric RPG will not work. In isometric RPGs, you generally only have a view of the character (they are usually party-oriented), and you’ll rarely be able to see things such as over obstacles or into the next room; you’ll see only the character themselves. In this case, isometric graphics are a little bit more detail-oriented than other graphics and allow you to play faster. However, the character itself may be a bit small and cramped.

The second disadvantage of isometric RPG is that it is harder to read and learn how to play. When you are playing isometric games, you are moving from one side to another, instead of looking at the whole screen or at one particular point in time. This makes learning about the game harder because you are less likely to memorize what is going on since you don’t know when the player is moving. For this reason, some isometric RPG players find the idea of isometric RPGs somewhat boring. It is much easier to move from one screen to another and see what is going on. That’s why many people who want a fast-paced, action-packed game often play isometric games.

Third and final disadvantage is that there are not enough isometric RPG games available. Lot of people enjoys this genre including me. Yet there are not enough high quality isometric RPG’s. I know there are some, but most of them are really old, outdated, and created with lower budgets.

Difference Between Isometric RPG and Regular RPG Games

Isometric RPGs are different from true RPG games because there is no need for a gamepad. Most of the isometric RPG games simply does not support controller. The main distinction between true and isometric is that isometric games are played with only the keyboard and mouse (or sometimes, without a keyboard). Since the game is played with only one hand, there is more control over the action, and there is less to worry about in terms of remembering where to click or what to do. In contrast, true isometric games use both hands and use the right or left hand to move and look around.


Isometric RPGs are usually considered “action games” since they tend to involve some form of fighting, instead of playing a traditional role-playing game. Many of these games, however, feature both shooting and fighting elements, though. There are actually a few isometric RPGs that feature both shooting and fighting mechanics. If you are interested in isometric gaming, then try games like Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift and Tactics Ogre Aion: Lord of the Rings Online. These are not true isometric RPGs, but they do feature both combat and magic.

Are Isometric RPG’s Boring?

Absolutely not. Isometric RPG games are really fun to play. Finally, it must be said that the only way to truly enjoy a game is by having fun. You may think that playing isometric games is dull, but the truth is, there is actually a lot to be enjoyed about this style of game.


There is a lot to think about, a lot to plan, and even more to get your hands into. If you want to have fun, then isometric games may be just what you are looking for. They give you all of the action and adventure of true RPGs without the need to learn complicated RPG commands and systems.

How to Get Into Isometric RPG’s

Currently in 2022, most sophisticated and popular isometric RPG games are Baldur’s Gate 3, Divinity Original Sin 2, Disco Elysium, and Desperados III. Obviously, many more isometric role-playing games are out there. But most of them might feel outdated. They were very good in their time. But time pities no one, not even video games. And if you are old fashioned, hardcore gamer, then I would suggest you start with Baldur’s Gate 1&2, Divinity Original Sin 1, and Desperados I, II. So that you can continue the story with the recently made games.

How to make Isometric RPG

First of all, you should know that making a new game from scratch is really really hard. Yes, it goes even for isometric RPG games. You need to do modeling, codding, writing, etc. However, if you have the time, and the commitment, then you might pull this off. For modelling, you can hire artist or simply use available market assets. Also, you can find partners from various social media websites such as LinkedIn. But the most important thing is choosing the right game engine.

Best game engines for Isometric RPG’s:

  1. Unreal Engine
  2. Unity Engine
  3. RPG Maker
  4. Godot Engine
  5. Armory
  6. CryEngine
  7. Defold
  8. Monogame

With these game engines you can create your own RPG games. Isometric or not, it is all up to you.


Some of these engines are completely free and open source. Moreover, there are tons of tutorials and guides on both Youtube and Udemy. I am %100 sure that you can make your own isometric RPG if you put in enough time. This article ends here now. Thank you for taking your time to read. I am hoping to see you again soon. Take care now!

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