Mysterious artifact is a story item in Baldur’s Gate 3. We found it at the very start of our game and it looks really important story wise. However, mysterious artifact has no actual questline yet, not in the early access at least.

Mysterious artefact, a many sided box of blackened iron, engraved with pulsating runes. Something stirs within.

A curious ornate box. Its many sides are engraved with indecipherable glyphs.

What’s inside the Mysterious Artifact

Those of you who played Baldur’s Gate 3 early access, probably wonders what’s inside the mysterious artifact, including me.


We know that the githyanki creche is looking for a weapon from the mindflayer ship. When you encounter them, shortly after dialogue leads to offering mysterious artifact to them. Certainly it’s a githyanki artifact.

When you investigate the artifact with Shadowheart, and if investigation check succeeds, you sense something inside it. In addition to that, you will hear heartbeats coming from the artifact.

So, githyanki are after it, mindflayers after it, and even the shar worshippers are after it. All things considered, we might assume that the mysterious artifact contains a powerful githyanki dragon as a weapon locked inside with magic.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Mysterious Artifact Location

shadowheart mysterious artifact

Where is the mysterious artifact? It’s located in the Shadowheart’s inventory. Just recruit Shadowheart to your party at the ravaged beach and check her bag. Her bag contains only few items such as healing potions, couple of scroll of revivify, scroll of detect thoughts, and the quest item mysterious artefact. You can try using it with your character, however that would make Shadowheart really angry, and she does the comment below.

Keep your hands off that!

Though you can try and use it when Shadowheart is away. Simply take it from her inventory and send her to the camp. When she is gone, click on the mysterious artifact, and investigate.

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