Finally completing your character after 10 hours of customization, you click venture forth to begin your journey. However, instead of actually beginning, your hear this exact phrase.

Tell me, who do you dream of at night?

Then, you create and customize your dream character like your did with your main character. For the most part, Baldur’s Gate 3 dream character creation is same as the character creation screen. With exceptions of classes, skills, and abilities. Here is a video of it, skip to the 12 minute mark in order to watch dream character options.

Daisy dress looks stunning by the way.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Dream Sequence

baldur's gate 3 dream lover

In Baldur’s Gate 3, who do you dream of really? Who attracts you? Is it the absolute? Or perhaps its the tadpole playing games with you.

Who do you dream of at night in Baldur’s Gate 3? Could be the Baldur’s Gate 3 dream girl, woman, guy, or person. Maybe we should simply say Baldur’s Gate 3 dream lover.

It is the dream and romance character. In your sleeps in the camp, your lover will appear to you at your dreams. Multiple times too. However, these sequence will only appear if you use your tadpole powers in the dialogues. You can use them a lot against the goblins. Authority checks are powerful and after several uses, unlocks your dream sequences. Finally, when your dream lover appears to you, he or she grants you a very powerful mindflayer power according to your class. Read my other article on mindflayer powers to learn more information.

Illithid powers are really strong.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Dream Romance

Do you give in to your dream characters temptation and romance? Well that’s what I do. But, it might be and probably the tadpole digging my frontal cortex to turn me into a mindflayer. Player have an option to resist dream character, yet most of the players actually can’t. Sight.. You fell in love with a video game character again…


She is who I dream of. I also dream of Shadowheart and Lae’zel from time to time. Well what do you think? Who do you dream of at night in Baldur’s Gate 3? A beautiful Githyanki gal with blue hair? Perhaps a dwarf guy with huge beard. Do tell us your type. Or even better, share a screenshot / video. I look forward to it! Looks like that’s it, got to go.

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