Baldur’s Gate 3 Presentation Mode

baldur's gate 3 presentation mode

Baldur’s Gate 3 graphics are stunning compared to other isometric RPG games. We all love to take screenshot of our characters and the beautiful landscapes. However, there is a slight problem with the user interface. Players are unable to hide UI and use presentation mod because the game is still in the early access phase. Most of the players are wondering when will the Baldur’s Gate 3 presentation mode bug will be fixed. There are many questions. How to hide UI in Baldur’s Gate 3? What is Baldur’s Gate 3 presentation mode hotkey?

Baldur’s Gate 3 toggle presentation mode hotkey is f10 by the default. However, pressing f10 does nothing for now and we cant hide UI. You can try pressing f10 or assigning another hotkey but it never works. Therefore we can’t hide UI. Why does Baldur’s Gate 3 presentation mode not working? It probably not working because of an early access bug or it isn’t fully implemented yet. This will most likely be fixed with the next updates or perhaps with the full release. I know it’s a bummer but worry not, there are other ways to take beautiful screenshots in Baldur’s Gate 3 without using presentation mod.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Hide UI

So, how to take beautiful screenshots in Baldur’s Gate 3? There are multiple viable ways to do that. One is talkin to a non player character. Because during character conversations, almost all of the user interface becomes invisible. But you can only take character screenshot with this method, you can’t take landscape or group screenshot because camera zooms to single character. In addition, you can use Baldur’s Gate 3 cosmetic mods to make your characters look prettier.

The other one is spamming esc and print screen buttons. When you spam the esc button, there is a 0.1 second moment that hides UI. Although it may take multiple tries to get no-ui screenshot at the right time. Shortly spam esc + print screen button. Alt tab to paint or adobe photoshop and paste. Try this couple of times until you get a screenshot with no menu and no UI. It works as a charm.

We have to try these workaround methods because Larian isn’t fixing the presentation mode problem. Even patch 4 didn’t solve this issue. Thankfully my methods works.

Recent update: With it’s latest update, ImprovedUI mod now allows you to hide UI with new picture mode!

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That is how I take my screenshots. I suggest you to try my method. And finally, I like to thank you for reading this screenshot guide. Do share your best screenshots with me as a comment by using the form down below.

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