Best Detective RPG Games

10 detective role playing games to delve in. You're lucky because detective genre in gaming is getting more and more popular.

detective RPG games

Detective life is fun because it provides an opportunity to solve mysteries and play a key role in bringing justice. Just like a vigilante, but in a legal way. That’s why detective role playing games are super fun. The thrill of uncovering clues, piecing together evidence, and using deductive reasoning to solve puzzles can be very satisfying. I specifically made a 10 best detective RPG games list for that reason.


Detective genre was really popular in literature for decades. Now it’s also becoming popular in gaming too.

There are many great detective role-playing games available. However, some are much better than the others. So, there you go, 10 best detective RPG games:

1. Disco Elysium


Disco Elysium is possibly the best detective RPG game of all times. Because of its strong writing, character development, non-linear storytelling, and unique interrogation mechanics. Its unique art style is amazing as well.

In short, its story is about a detective trying to solve murders in the 80’s Eastern Europe. You are not limited by anything in this game. It’s possible to be the hero or an absolute disaster of a human being.

All in all, it’s one of the greatest RPGs to play. There aren’t many games like Disco Elysium. Therefore, it’s a must play gem.

2. Unheard


Unheard: Voices of Crime an interactive audio drama game, which is quite unique. You are tasked with solving crimes by returning aurally to crime scenes to analyze audio recordings and other clues.

The game’s unique focus on audio and its emphasis on storytelling sets it apart from other games in the genre and creates a fully immersive experience.

Surely some of the dialogues are badly acted. However, writing and the short gameplay experience makes this game a blast.

3. Gamedec


Gamedec is a cyberpunk role-playing game set in a virtual world. You’ll take on the role of a detective who is tasked with solving crimes in a futuristic city.

Basically, Gamedec is a game where detective, cyberpunk, and sci-fi genres meet. These unique factors, combined with its engaging story, make Gamedec a must-play for fans of detective genre.

It’s also a single-player non-combat game. So that you can really focus on the story, just like the Disco Elyisum.

4. Pathologic 2


First things first, Pathologic 2 is not a direct sequel of the 2005 game Pathologic. So, you don’t have to play the first game beforehand to enjoy it.

The game itself is a first-person survival game set in a small town plagued by a deadly outbreak.

Even though it’s not primarily a detective game, there are many detective-like elements present in the game. Such as investigation of locals, puzzle-solving, and collecting clues.

Try to uncover the truth behind the outbreak and find a cure before it’s too late.

5. The Council


The Council is a narrative adventure set in the 1793’s secret society chambers. You’ll control the secret society member Louis de Richet, who is trying to find out whereabouts of his missing mother. Investigate covertly to uncover the truth behind mysterious disappearance.

Louis must navigate the intricate relationships and political machinations of a group of powerful individuals on a mysterious island.

With multiple endings and a branching narrative, live a tale of intrigue and manipulation! Also check out other similar intrigue games while at it.

6. Pecaminosa – A Pixel Noir Game


This is the first detective action RPG on this list. Possibly the last, because detective job does not involve actual action.

So, Pecaminosa is a pixel art-style RPG that takes place in a world of film noir and classic detective fiction.


You play as a private detective tasked with solving a series of interconnected mysteries and bringing the culprits to justice. It’s filled with action, boss battles, mini games, and guns! I think you’ll like it.

7. Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong


Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is an RPG based on the popular tabletop role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade. The game is set in the city of Prague. Where you’ll navigate the complex political landscape of the vampire world, making choices that will determine the fate of both your characters and the city.

In the game, you play as three different vampires from different clans, each with their own unique abilities and motivations.

BEST VAMPIRE RPG GAMES < For vampire lovers.

Fulfilling detective adventure with a vampiric twist is amazing.

8. The Sinking City


The Sinking City is a Lovecraftian investigation game set in the flooded city of Oakmont, Massachusetts.

You play as a private detective tasked with uncovering the truth behind the city’s supernatural occurrences and the mysterious forces that are causing it to sink.

BEST LOVECRAFT GAMES < Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

You’ll navigate the city’s flooded streets, interact with its inhabitants, and gather evidence to unravel the dark secrets of Oakmont. With its rich and immersive world, gripping storyline, and unique setting, “The Sinking City” is a must-play for fans of supernatural mysteries and horror.

9. Chinatown Detective Agency


If you’re a fan of detective RPG games, you should consider playing Chinatown Detective Agency because of its challenging detective work.

In short, it’s a Cybernoir point and click adventure filled with RPG elements. As a detective, you’ll be able to choose your clients, travel around the world, and solve dangerous cases.

10. Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a game about a murdered detective’s ghost, trying to solve his own murder. I mean, how can other games compete with that?


This is basically a supernatural detective game in which you play as Ronan O’Connor, a detective who has been murdered and is now a ghost.

In death, you must use your ghostly abilities to solve the mystery of your own murder and bring the culprit to justice. With its unique setting and supernatural elements, Murdered: Soul Suspect offers a captivating detective experience for players who love mystery and supernatural themes.

Fellow Sherlock Holmes, and detective genre fans, time to end this list. I hope you enjoy some of the detective role playing games I’ve recommend.

If you want to add any other game to this list, just leave a comment below. I’ll see you soon, take care.

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