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vampire rpg games

Welcome to the world of darkness. Hello fellow occult, vampire genre lovers. Today I will list the best Vampire RPG games of all times on this page.

Vampire RPG is, dare I say, is a bit of a niche genre. Because of that, I could only find 11 good vampire role playing games for this list. However, in the end I believe I did a good job. You can find some of the most enjoyable video games of all times just down below.

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Here comes the list. Best vampire RPG games:

11. Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

Swansong, the latest released Vampire the Masquerade game. You may not have heard of this awesome game yet. Because it is currently Epic Games exclusive. Steam release is expected in 2023. But you can buy it on Epic Games right now.

It is a Vampire RPG game mostly focused on narration. That means player will enjoy a movie like experience while playing this game.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong allows you to play as 3 vampires. All of them are over 100 years old which is quite interesting. So, highly complex and sophisticated vampire society awaits you!

Finally remember, your choices highly impact the outcomes in this game.

10. The Elder Scroll Series

As you know, The Elder Scroll is the best RPG series of all times. Especially Skyrim was revolutionary and phenomenal. But is it a vampire RPG? Depends, if you like it to be, then of course it is.

In Skyrim universe, vampirism is really a huge deal. You can both become a vampire and vampire lord. Since there are lots of vampire questline in Skyrim, you can really role play and enjoy.


As a vampire in Skyrim, you can creep into people’s house at night and feed off of the citizens. If you don’t feed in a long time, you might go feral and attacked on sight without Dawnguard DLC. Also, you can find many vampire related mods for Skyrim to enhance your vampire role play gaming experience.

9. Vampirem

Vampirem is a newly released vampire action RPG. WRF Studios released it at 20 May 2021 and reviews on steam are quite positive. If you really like the genre, I urge you to try this one. Since it’s both cheap and has a demo version available on steam.

Our character is an undead vampire mage. Some say he is part ghost part vampire. I wouldn’t want to spoil the story to you. But believe me when I say this, Vampirem is really enjoyable. Lots to discover.

8. BloodLust Shadowhunter

Well, well, well, another vampire RPG game made by WRF Studios. Most interesting. Bloodlust Shadowhunter first released at 2015. So, you might call this one a little bit outdated. However, there aren’t many vampire RPG games out there. That is why you should give this art piece a chance.

Bloodlust allows you to explore the dark underworld. You will find many forgotten secret vampire societies, their disciplines, clans, and hierarchy fascinating.

First you must choose your vampires gender. Then a class amongst the witch, thief, or warrior. After that, your vampire role playing experience begins.

7. Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption

Looking for real hardcore old school RPG? Vampire The Masquerade is probably one of the best RPG of all times. Even though it release many many years ago in 2000. But even on this day, you can enjoy this game if you love the vampire RPG genre.

Story goes like this. Our character Christo leads a crusade against the evil. Mostly against undead and vampires. However, an unfortunate event chain turns Christo to the thin he despises most, a vampire. Now it is time to face your vampire lord nemesis.

Vampire The Masquerade is story rich. Your journey begins in the middle ages, Europe. Then goes all the way to the modern ages. Your decisions affects this story line of course.

6. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

This time you won’t become a vampire. Instead, you will play as the member of famous vampire hunter family Van Helsing.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is an isometric action RPG. Your journey in the gothic world of Borgovia, will make you face countless foes. Such as vampires, werewolves, undead, and beasts. Slay them and make your ancestors proud.

5. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

First I must say, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 is a vampire action adventure game. However, there are still some RPG elements can be found inside. Like items, leveling, skills, and small choices.

If you are fan of vampire literature, you must definitely play this game. Playing as a powerful vampire lord Dracula was one of my most enjoyable gaming experience of all times. There are also other iconic characters present in this game. Such as Alucard, Satan, Carmilla, Belmont, etc.

4. Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate series is probably the best isometric rpg of all times. And guess what, you can play as vampire in this game like Skyrim. Since it is still in the early access, we needs mods to play as vampire. That is why I recommend you to get vampire background mods for Baldur’s Gate 3.

Also in the vanilla game, you will be accompanied by a vampire follower named Astarion. As can be seen on the video below, that damn bastard feed on my character at night. Since he was a friend, I spared him. But if that happens again, I wont hesitate to impale his heart with a wooden stick.

3. Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines

Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines is the best Vampire RPG game of all times without a doubt. Despite being the best, I ranked it as number 3. Both because it is old and its sequel is the number one on our list.

So, what makes Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines so special? Every decision matters! You can become a masonic aristocrat high vampire, a mentally deranged malkavian or a nosferatu living in the severs feeding off of the rats. Story, questline, atmosphere, music, characters, almost everything in this game is a masterpiece.

2. Vampyr

Vampyr vampire RPG game takes place in London 1918, post Victorian era. You will play as the newly turned Vampire, Dr. Jonathan Reid.

This game makes the player character fall into a dilemma. As I have said you are a doctor, your main focus is to save people. However, your vampire nature compels you to kill and feed off of the people.

So, Vampyr is highly enjoyable both action and role playing wise. Therefore making it the number 2 best vampire RPG game on our list. Also make sure to check out the best Vampyr mods here.

1. Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines II

Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines II is not yet released. Release date is to be expected, meaning not yet concluded. Then again, it’s prequel Bloodlines I was the best vampire RPG of all times. Thus making Bloodlines II the number one vampire RPG game to be released on our humble list.

Couple of trailer videos have been released and the gameplay looks outstanding. Since Paradox is the developer studio, our expectations are really high.

Bloodlines 2 will be set on the Seattle. A city full of characters, vampires, secret societies, and dangerous foes.

What is isometric RPG?

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