Best Divinity Original Sin 2 Mods

Top 20 Divinity Original Sin 2 mods to enjoy. Try these DOS2 must have utility, immersion, gameplay, and class mods.

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Just like any other RPG, Divinity Original Sin 2 is much more enjoyable with mods. Especially if you are re-playing the game. Thankfully Larian Studios shared mod creation kit with its player-base. As a result, we have access to +2500 mods. So, in order to save you some time, I have listed the 20 best Divinity Original Sin 2 mods on this page.


On this top 20 list, you will find the most popular gameplay, utility, immersion, miscellaneous, and class mods. Also I have made videos for each and every one of them. That way you can check out how the mod looks in-game and decide if its worth installing by yourself. Anyway, I shouldn’t keep you wait much longer. Here is the list of my 20 best Divinity Original Sin 2 mods:

1. Crafting Overhaul

Crafting overhaul is by far the best Divinity Original Sin 2 mod in my opinion. It completely reworks the games crafting system and adds +1600 new recipes. Not only that but also +550 new items, new dye mechanics, bags, chests, crafting stations, etc. will be added to your game. So, start scrapping materials because you are going to need lot of them.

Best thing about it is the portable crafting stations. That way you can build your atelier in anywhere you want. I really liked the base-building aspect of this mod. Therefore I highly recommend you to try it.

2. Character Creation Plus

Character creation options in vanilla Divinity Original Sin 2 is highly limited. It is hard to create unique custom characters in this game. But thankfully this mod changes that. Character creation plus adds tons of new options for all races and genders.

In a RPG, I want to create most unique character possible. I spend hours on character creation, it is so important for me. That is why I like character creation plus so much. For your next playthrough, you should also try it and create your unique main character. It is totally worth it.

3. Party Size Evolved

Default party size in Divinity Original Sin 2 is only 4. For that reason, other companions have to wait in the ship. Which is a bummer, because I want to experience all these unique companions and their backstory. Why can’t we control 6 party group?


Well, actually we can, with party size evolved mod. It basically increases the party size limit to 6 or 10.

Be careful using this mod though, because with 6 character party, the game becomes much easier. Raising the difficulty is always an option though.

4. Sourcery Worthy of a Collar

Godwoken supposed to be super strong that magisters have to put a collar on their neck. However, our playable godwoken characters does not have that power… Sourcery Worthy of a Collar mod changes that and gives devastating sourcery abilities to our characters.

I mean, Malady, Windego, and Dallis kicks ass. Whereas we can’t do shit with out sourcery power. Thankfully this mod changes that.

Obviously this mod adds extremely powerful spells to your game and is not balanced at all.

5. Level Up Equipment Potion

One or two levels makes huge difference between equipment in DOS2. So, if you are tired of changing your entire equipment on every level-up, you can try this mod.

It basically adds new level up equipment potion to your game. Once you drink the potion, all you equipped gear increases to your level. Including unique items! Potion is a bit expensive though, for balancing purposes.

6. Portable Respec Mirror

As can be seen on the header, this utility mod adds portable respec mirror to your game. Personally I like respeccing in role-playing games. Because sometimes I make mistakes in skill distribution. Thankfully respec fixes that.

However, it is hard to respec in Divinity Original Sin 2 sometimes. Therefore carrying a portable respec mirror in your bag is quite useful.

7. Source Bedroll

It is really hard to fill your source power in Divinity Original Sin 2. It is probably an intended feature because source skills are supposed to be powerful. But actually they aren’t. So, if you don’t want to search everywhere for source puddle, get this mod asap.

Source bedroll simply fills your source slots after a rest. Even though this is cheating, I really enjoy using source bedroll.

8. Bard

Lohse supposed to be bard! However, Divinity Original Sin 2 does not have bard class like D&D. Larian probably though it would be unnecessary. Meanwhile mod creators thinks the opposite. Therefore here we are, looking at one of the best class mods in DOS2, bard.

Bard class adds +20 skills to your game and various lutes to use as weapons. Become a bard mod is balanced too in case you are wondering.

9. Grow Your Herbs

Do you like gardening? If so, grow your herbs is just the right mod for you! Get an herb, grab a bucket of water, combine, and plant! It will grow in time.

Really a fun addition don’t you agree? Besides it goes pretty well with druid class mod.

10. Abyssal Skill

This mod adds +15 new skills to hydrosophist class. They are visually beautiful but really over-powered. Therefore not recommended for easier difficulties.

I personally like hydrosophist class and mods themed around water bending. So, abyssal skill mod is one of my favorite!

11. Skip Tutorial – Joyless Beginnings

Oh boy, I don’t know how many times I started a new save. The tutorial phase gets super boring after couple of times, believe me. That is why I like skip tutorial mod. It lets you skip the tutorial and start at the fort joy beach.

Also there is another skip mod! Second one is called joyless beginnings. It allows you to skip entire tutorial and fort joy area. If you too spent hunderds of hours in fort joy, just like me, you might want to skip it this time.

12. Project Fashion Sins

This mod adds lots of armor, clothing, weapons, and accessories. They can be found in a chest. But they are all level 1 at the start and visual only outfits. Therefore you need to use vanity mod to copy their looks for useful in-game equipment. That way they can be viable.

What sort of stuff added with project fashions sins? Various looks and equipment from other games and anime series. So, you might even find your favorite characters in it.

13. Day & Night Cycle + Weather

One of the things missing in Divinity Original Sin 2 is day and night cycle. Also the dynamic weather. Unfortunately everything stays the same in vanilla DOS2.

Not anymore though! Day & night cycle + weather mod adds a time tracker to DOS2. Then, changes the atmosphere depending on the in-game timeframe.

Day and night cycle mod is by far the best immersive mod of Divinity 2 in my opinion.

14. The Cheat Commander

Cheat commander is a mod that adds a new NPC to the Lady Vengeance. This NPC can grant you money, level, gear, and more! Even if you hate cheating, you can still benefit from this mod. For experiment with new builds.

Cheating is fun sometimes gaming. Especially in the single-player games. Surely cheating too much might remove the fun, but as long as you keep it at minimum, everything will be okay.

15. Skill Book Recipes Expanded

Divinity Original Sin 2 have many spells. But you can never have too much spells in a RPG right?

Skill book recipes expanded adds +100 new skills. This is a great mod, especially for mages. Totally balanced too.

16. Succubus Class Mod

Drain your enemies life force by seducing them! Succubus class mod adds new 18 spells to Divinity Original Sin 2. In addition, you can pick succubus class at the character creation.

Skills are tied to scoundrel, rogue agility. It must be remembered that for scaling, you need to use daggers or bow.

17. AI Companions

Are you tired of controlling 4 character at the same time? In that case, I recommend you to use Divinity Original Sin 2 AI companions mods.

With AI companions mod activated, whenever you enter a combat, companions will be controlled by AI. That helps you to bond with your character more and truly role-play. Still, the game is not designed that way and the waiting might become boring after a while.

18. Spectre Class Mod

Do you wish to be the practitioner of forbidden soul magic? If you do, get Spectre class mod ASAP. It adds +30 new spells!

Spectre class skills are especially good on undead characters. Ignore your enemies armor and steal their soul! For ultimate power, combine it with the necromancer skills.

19. Demi Human Race

Divinity Original Sin 2 have one downside. Characters are butt ugly. I am sure you agree with me on that. If you don’t just scroll down to the next mod. 🙁

Demi human race mod adds couple of new human-faces to the character creation. As well as some new skin tones. The new faces are all custom-made and looks absolutely stunning.

20. Necromancer Class Overhaul

Final mod on this list is about necromancy. Necromancer is my favorite class in all role-playing games. That is why first character I made in DOS2 was a necromancer. Vanilla necromancer skills are pretty fun. However, they can bu much better with Odinblade’s necromancer class overhaul mod.


Old necromancer skills reworked, and new skills are added. What can I want more for necromancy? It is one of the best class mods out there.

Thank you for reading guys. I hope you enjoyed my best Divinity Original Sin 2 mods top 20 list. You can leave a comment below and join our discord for support.

That’s it guys. Take care, till later!

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