Divinity Original Sin 2 Class Overhaul Mods

Best class overhaul mods of Divinity Original Sin 2 that must be installed.

dos2 class overhaul

Divinity Original Sin 2 have 8 playable classes: aerotheurge, geomancer, huntsman, hydrosophist, necromancer, polymorph, pyrokinetic, scoundrel, summoning, and warfare. These skill trees are already fun and great. However, Divinity Original Sin 2 class overhaul mods are taking it to one step further.


There are many DOS2 class and skill mods out there. But today, I will be listing the 7 best overhaul mods. Overhauls mods are much better because they are both lore-friendly and balanced.

All in all, Divinity Original Sin 2 have great mod community and you will not be disappointed.

So, are you ready to see the top Divinity 2 mods? I’ll be starting with my personal favorite, necromancer class overhaul mod. Additionally, i would like to thank the best DOS2 mod creator, Odinblade one more time for giving us these masterpiece mods.

Divinity Original Sin 2 overhaul mods:

1. Necromancer Class Overhaul


This mod edits old necromancer skills and adds new ones, making it total 49. Not only that, but also new necromancer weapons will be added to your game.

With these new changes to the necromancer class, you can play and build around 4 playstyles: Gravecaller, Hexen, Bloodtide, and Deathlord.

New NPC merchant called Drana, the Dark Artist will provide you with unique necromancer books, weapons, and armor.

Playable necromancer class in RPGs is a rare feature and quite fun! You should definitely try a necromancy playthrough. Especially with this amazing class overhaul mod.

2. Hydrosophist Class Overhaul


Hydrosophist is one of the best skill trees in DOS2. Because a hydrosophist can heal, buff, and deal damage at the same time! Versatility is really important after all.

Atlantean: A battlemage able to utilize the currents to control the battlefield.
Tidecaller: Gifted with the ability to manipulate water, tidecallers can simultaneously heal allies and damage enemies.
Icevein: An ice mage able to deal devastating damage and keep enemies frozen still.
Frostsworn: A frost paladin, specialising in Magic Armour and Freezing effects.

Hydrosophist overhaul have 43 skills in total. Some are new, some are revised old skills. Of course, this mod too adds new hydrosophist weapons.

Trader siren NPC Evelynn, the Winter’s Heart will be your guide and mentor in this journey.

3. Geomancer Overhaul


Manipulate the fabric of the earth and command the forces of nature. You are the earth bender after all! So, if you liked the earth bending in anime Avatar, don’t miss Odinblade’s geomancer overhaul.

Just like every other Odinblade class overhaul mod, this one too adds new weapons, and spells, while updating the old ones.

Plague, Sentinel, Terramancer, and Grovetender playstyles with 42 amazing spells waiting for you!

Get this mod and say hello to the vendor Kestia the Preserver for earth magic spell-books.

4. Scoundrel Overhaul


I love assassin games, and sneaky classes in RPGs. It’s always fun to kill your enemies with a stealth strike! If you agree with me, check this mod out.

Divinity Original Sin 2 scoundrel overhaul offers 25 reworked and brand-new skills to choose from.

This mod introduces 2 new mechanics to the scoundrel gameplay. Which are combos, and stealth damage multipliers. Making it much more interesting to play.

New skill-books sold by NPC Lina the Deft.

5. Huntsman Class Overhaul


Huntsman class overhaul will completely change how you play with bow and arrow in Divinity Original Sin 2. It introduces lots of content.

To be specific, 25 polished and new huntsman skills including new core mechanics.

Three new gameplay mechanics introduced:

  1. Elemental Adaptation: Dip your arrows for increased benefits.
  2. Animal Companion: Share the hunt with an animal companion for unique benefits.
  3. Grenadier Passive: Huntsman points now increased crafted grenade damage by 5%.

6. Aerotheurge Overhaul Mod


+40 reworked and brand new aerotheurge skills that will make you feel like Tesla himself! Aerotheurge overhaul mod also introduces new weapons called stormhammers. These hammers are mace-based weapons that allows you to thunder slam your enemies.

New 4 key playstyles for the students of aerotheurge school:

Vendor: Zarekei, Lord of Thunder.

7. Pyrokinetic Overhaul


This mod introduces 35 reworked and brand-new flame spells to choose among. Especially the new and unique animations is making this mod amazing!

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

New playstyles for Pyrokinetics:

Merchant: Sol’Lithe the Pyromancer.

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