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Resource and business management meets role-playing genre. Scroll down to see the 20 best management RPG games of all times.

management rpg games

Do you like both role playing and management games? If so, check out my 20 best management RPG games list on below. Some mostly focused on RPG than management, some do it the other way. But overall, I’ve managed to find 20 games match this description.

I did not include sports management games like Football Manager because that’s whole another genre. On this list you’ll find mostly business, kingdom, tavern, and dynasty management games in the fantasy medieval setting.

So, here we go, 20 best RPG management games:

1. The Guild 3

The Guild 3 is the ultimate management RPG game. It’s basically Sims in medieval times focused on business.

You start as a single peasant in Guild series, then grow from there. There are many businesses available such as blacksmith, tavern, bakery, tinkerer, mercenary, thieves guild, minstrel hut, etc. Managing multiple businesses while trying to climb up the ladders of medieval society is a cool challenge.

It’s also like Sims, you can marry, have children, and expand your dynast so that you can pass on your businesses to an heir when you die.


2. Travellers Rest

Travellers Rest lets you role play as an innkeeper. You can engage with your customers in variety of ways and manager your tavern simultaneously.


You are an innkeeper, it’s job with many responsibilities. Brew your own beer, run a farm, craft, and build relationships. Create your fantasy tavern!

By the way you can play Travellers Rest with your friends too. It has co-op support that work really well.


3. Anvil Saga

Ever wanted to run a blacksmith shop? Your dreams come true with Anvil Saga. The game is set in the Hundred Years’ War era. So, it’s the perfect time to make money for a blacksmith.

RPG aspect of Anvil Saga is huge, each decision you make impacts the story and gameplay. Customers, relationships, and decisions, they all matter. You must maintain your relationship with factions for the sake of your business. It’s a blacksmith RPG after all.

The game is perfect even though it’s in the early access. You can craft all kind of weapons and armor, construct new buildings, expand your business, and become the richest blacksmith.


4. Kenshi

Kenshi is a popular free-roaming squad-based RPG. You start the game as a lone drifter and form companionship with other people to make a name for yourselves.


Management aspect of Kenshi appear in the late game when you build your first settlement. In the base you can research new technologies, upgrade your defenses and craft new gear. Feeding people will be a challenge though.

Be a trader, a thief, a rebel, a warlord, an adventurer, a farmer, a slave, or just food for the cannibals. Kenshi offers a lot of choices!


5. Medieval Dynasty

Do you know the dynasty sim Crusader Kings? Medieval Dynasty is the same but in first person view.

Start as a young man who has fled from never-ending war. Take matters into your own hands. Hunt, build, survive, and lead your dynasty to prosperity.

Eventually you’ll be building a town of your own. That’s when the real management aspect manifest. It’s possible to build +25 different buildings and craft +250 equipment.

Building a village from scratch in first person view is very satisfying.


6. Crusader Kings III

I love Crusader Kings III. It’s the perfect medieval dynasty simulation. You can simply choose one count, duke, king, or emperor from the history. Then start ruling and micro-managing your lands.

The game has many features such as marrying, diplomacy, intrigue, battle, and crusades! Check other intrigue games here.

It’s Sims like sandbox game with no main object other than survival of your dynasty. So, decide what kind of ruler you want to be and manage your kingdom accordingly.


7. Mount & Blade Bannerlord

Mount & Blade franchise is the perfect example of rags to riches case. You start as a poor mercenary and rise to heights of fame, fortune, and influence.


It’s a full-on action RPG where you can create your character, engage in diplomacy, craft, trade, and conquer.

Management aspect is also huge. At first, you’ll be managing your small mercenary band. Once you grow rich enough, there’ll be many business opportunities. You can even become a king and manager your kingdom!


8. Siege Survival: Gloria Victis

Here is another medieval game set in a war ridden world where you can truly feel the desperation.

A medieval city is under siege, and you are one of the civilians in it. Build your camp, craft supplies, and scavenge the occupied city to supply the last troops holding back the invaders.

It’s a mix of survival strategy, resource management, and role playing.


9. Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Here is a great game inspired by games like Baldur’s Gate. In essence Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a party-based isometric RPG. However, another huge element of this game is kingdom management.


Kingdom management features:


10. Chernobylite

Chernobylite is a science-fiction survival horror RPG. It’s set in the 3D-scanned wasteland of Chernobyl.

Resource and team management, as well as base building aspects of it made me include it to this list.

In short, the game offers S.T.A.L.K.E.R. like gameplay with lesser combat and more resource management.


11. Graveyard Keeper

Most management games are featuring cool businesses. This one however, is doing the opposite. I mean, who would dream of becoming a graveyard keeper in real life?

Anyways, it’s a graveyard management game. But you can also run tavern and refugee camp as side businesses if you buy the DLCs.

So, what are you waiting for? Start digging.


12. Crossroads Inn Anniversary

Third and the last tavern management game of this list is Crossroads Inn. It’s a real time inn management sim set in a fantasy medieval world. You can build and manage your tavern, make customers happy, and make a name for yourself.

The game features campaign, sandbox, and custom scenario modes. That means lots of playtime for hardcore fans of the genre.


13. Gods of Sand

As a fan of the popular TV series Spartacus, I really love Gods of Sand, a gladiator school simulator.

The game lets you be a ludus owner. You can buy gladiators, train gladiators, equip them with gear, and let them fight in arena.


14. Citizen of Rome – Dynasty Ascendant

Citizen of Rome is a life sim set in the Ancient Roman Republic. It’s not a big project, almost like a browser game. But immersive and fun nonetheless.


As a citizen, you’ll be able to own and run various properties. That’s just the managing aspect.

Its role-playing aspect is also big. Marrying, succession, diplomacy, education, and elections are quite a treat to experience life in Ancient Roman times.


15. Empire of Sin

You can role play as an old school gangster and manage a criminal empire in Empire of Sin. It’s set in the 1920s prohibition era Chicago, perfect setting for a mafia game.


Assemble a gang, build, and manage your criminal empire. It’s not all mindless action either. It’s up to you to hustle, charm, and or intimidate your way to the top.

But remember, climbing to the top is not hardest part. Staying at top and maintaining power is the real struggle.


16. Yes, Your Grace

Are you ready to micro-manage entire kingdom? Yes, Your Grace lets you sit on a throne and rule over common men.

Features of kingdom management game Yes, Your Grace:


17. Blacksmith Legends

Second and last blacksmith role playing game on this list is Blacksmith Legends. It’s an early access game with mixed review. But as a fan of the genre, I enjoyed playing it. The game keeps getting better too with each update.

Craft, modify, and sell. That is the work of a blacksmith. After acquiring enough capital, you can expand your workshop and hire employees. Of course that’s all management.

Let’s talk about the RPG elements. The game lets you make decision that will turn you into a hero or a villain. Will you impress your king or dethrone him? As a blacksmith, you have more power than you think.


18. Going Medieval

Going Medieval is a mix between city builder, role playing, and resource management genres.

Stake your claim, build your fortress, defend your colony, protect your villagers, and shape your story.


19. Fallout Shelter

Fellow survivors, I present you the winner of Mobile Game of the Year and Google Play Best awards. It’s a cross platform game available on both steam and mobile.

For those who don’t know Fallout lore, let me explain. In short, nuclear war happened and people now living in nuclear fallout shelters.

In this game, you’ll take control of a Vault-Tec. As a manager, you must build the perfect vault, keep dwellers happy, and protect them from the dangers.


20. Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 2

Let’s wrap things up and end this best management RPG games list with a kingdom game.

Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 2 is a game about heroism. You take the role of a heroic princess aims to save her people, gain allies, and fight against evil.

Resource management aspect of it also addictive.


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