How to Annex Puppets in HOI4?

hoi4 annex puppet

In some cases, having a puppet in HOI4 is good. But in the end, one way or another, puppets must be annexed. That leaves us with one question though. How to annex puppets in HOI4?

First you must invest in your puppets to increase their compliance. Once you have invested enough, simply open diplomacy screen with your puppet nation and click on the annex action. But remember, annexing a nation costs 300 diplomatic power. Which is very huge. So, make sure to stack up your diplomatic mana beforehand. Annexing a puppet is simple as that in HOI4 but I would like to expand this investing step.


HOI4 Puppet Annexation

First of all, you must lover the autonomy level of your puppet. Because only integrated puppets and Reichskomissariat can be annexed.

HOI4 autonomy levels:

So how to reduce autonomy? You can build buildings in your puppets lands. Such as military factories, civilian factories, infrastructure, radar, anti-air, air base, dockyard, synthethic refinery, fuel silo, rocket site, nuclear reactor, supply hub, railways, naval base, land fort, coastal fort, etc. Basically, anything you build in your puppets country gives compliance. Also, you can send your puppet a land lease. Just send your old aircrafts, tanks, or military equipment. This will reduce their autonomy for the annexation. Also sending attache is another option.

It must be remembered that receiving land lease from your puppet reduces their compliance. As well as their expeditionary forces, resource trades and war contributions. Therefore, you must be extra careful with your diplomatic actions before annexation.


Once your puppet reduced to the minimum autonomy level, you can spend 300 diplomatic power and annex it. That is all. Now you know how to annex puppets in Hearts of Iron IV. Make sure to leave a nice comment below for me and I will see you again soon. Bye and have fun!

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