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Welcome to top 10 most fun nations in Kaiserreich, the Hearts of Iron IV mod. Do you like Kaiserrich but don’t know what country to play next? No big deal. List and the guide on this page will help you today.


Actually, most of the nations in Kaiserreich are fun to play because developers made custom trees for all of them. Still, some of them are much more fun to play. Especially if you enjoy expansionist playstyle in this game, just like myself.

Kaiserreich have much more nations to play than vanilla HOI4. Because in this story, German victory destabilizes almost entirety of the world.

Kaiserreich most fun nations:

1. German Empire

Of course, German Empire ranks number one. Because she has the most content, events, decisions, etc. All story revolves around German Empire and it is totally worth playing multiple campaigns. Just make sure to rush black Monday tree first in order to remove negative buffs. Then the world is your oyster.

I remember sending volunteers to 5 different countries fighting against syndicalist. So, improve your influence, crush the syndicalist worldwide, and triumph the 1939 wars. Also don’t let your colonies go wild and independent. You can check out my how to keep Mittelafrika as a colony in Kaiserreich guide.

2. Dominion of Canada

In this alternate universe, Dominion of Canada is the leader of Entente alliance. I mean, whatever left of this alliance after the first Weltkrieg.

All the members of Entente are super weak and facing multiple wars during the game. As a strongest member and the leader of Entente, Canada must support his allies. This provides an interesting playthrough for the player. Fight on multiple fronts, defend your allies, and lastly once you are strong enough, intervene in second American Civil War.

Entente shall lead the free world once more!

3. Commune of France

Bastion of syndicalism, leader of The Third Internationale is of course fun to play.

There are no villains or good guys in Kaiserreich. However, Commune of France is the equivalent of Vanilla HOI4 German Reich.

Develop your industry and start the war machine. Support other syndicalist rebellions and invite new allies to the Third International. Once you are strong enough to take down German Empire, crush the European monarchy hegemony once and for all!

4. Socialist Republic of Italy

Italy is divided! We have Italian Republic, Socials Republic of Italy, and Two Sicilies. Socialist Republic of Italy is in the middle and the most fun one to play.

After eating north and south parts of the Italy, you can unite your nation under syndicalist regime and join The Third Internationale. Then simply wait for the real deal second World War. I mean The Third International versus the Reichspakt.

Strong and united Italy can make a huge difference in the power balances of Kaiserreich.

5. Union of Britain

Second and the only member of The Third International other than France. Once Britain lost the first World War, things quickly got out of control in Britain. All the colonies lost and that resulted in the syndicalist revolution. Can you topple down the current world powers and restore the lost colonies? Well, if you are up for the challenge, go for it. Because it is going to be hard to accomplish since you only have your main island.

If you went for the totalism route, Sir Oswald Mosley leads the Union of Britain with an iron fist. That unlocks my favorite national focus tree and Oswald Mosley is really a meme leader.

6. Russian Republic

In this alternative universe, Russian revolution never happened. Therefore we don’t have communist Soviet Union in the Kaiserreich. Instead, this universe hosts Russian republic. Weird isn’t it?

Even though Russia is a republic, its focus tree is really expansionist. You will enjoy conquering your neighbors and eventually facing the Reichspakt.

By the way, Russian Republic can found its own faction called Moscow Accord. After that simply rush seek allies focus tree and expand the Russian sphere.

7. Empire of Japan

Co-Prosperity Sphere exists at the start but has no members other than Japan’s herself. But the events and focus trees will help you find lots of allies.

Now since that the big bully United States of America is facing a second civil war, all the pacific lands are waiting for you to grab them. Then once the civil war wears America off, maybe you will scoop up whatever’s left.

Hirohito still rules Japan and I find that fascinating. Make him conquer china once again, but this time in the Kaiserreich universe.

8. Ottoman Empire

Kebab strong! Ottoman Empire rules vast lands from Istanbul to Basra to Suez to Mecca to Yemen to Tripoli, etc. However, almost everyone outside the Anatolia rebels against the sultan.

Can you hold your lands and maintain the status que? Then perhaps found the Istanbul Pact and expand your lands to long lost Balkans territories?

Oh I forgot to mention, Persia will also declare a war on you, almost at the start of your game. This one is a hard campaign and believe me, really fun.

9. Dominion of India

Only foothold of Entente in the Indian lands. Surrounded by enemies such as Afghanistan, Bharatiya Commune, and Princely Federation.

You can’t even trust your allies in Entente because they are as weak as yourself. Well, can you conquer your neighbors and take back all of India under Anglosphere? Odds are against you but this playthrough is really satisfying if you can manage to accomplish your goals.

10. United States of America

Do you enjoy civil wars? North America hosts the biggest civil war you can imagine in the Hearts of Iron IV.

End the second American Civil War and wake up the giant once again! Once you rebuild your country, you can either intervene in the second Weltkrieg or unite North and South Americas under your flag.

If none of the countries I have mentioned above interests you, maybe it is time to move on from Kaiserreich. There are many more mods just like it. Check out my HOI4 best alternate history mods list. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Looks like that’s it. If you want to add any other country, please do so via comments. I would like to hear your opinion on the most fun nations of Kaiserreich. Take care, see you later.

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