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20 games with occult references, elements, and theme.

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Even though I’m not practicing occult, this stuff really interests me, I do lots of reading because it’s a fascinating topic. Of course, occult is not only limited to literature. You can find many occult games too. So, I’ve made research to find out and share the best occult video games there is.

BEST PHILOSOPHICAL GAMES < Equally interesting.

Somebody who’s into occult practices will love and appreciate the games below. Curious minds can enjoy too though. It doesn’t matter if you’re real practitioner or just interested in occult, you’ll love these games either way.

Topics included are magick, alchemy, lovecraftian, technomancy, necromancy, witchcraft and more. So, delve into the mystery of unknown.

Also check the upcoming occult game called Where Birds Go to Sleep. Once it’s released, I will include it to the list. If it’s good of course.

Let’s begin our list of esoteric and occult video games to play.

Best 20 occult video games:

1. Cultic


Death is only the beginning! Crawl from your grave and gear up to fight your way through the ranks of sinister cult. You have your guns, dynamite, tools, and guts. So, shoot, slide, blast, duck, dodge, throw, and survive this occult shooter.

The game is dirt cheap. Also, it has a free demo available on Steam. So, you have no excuse not to try Cultic if you’re into occult.

The game is released as chapter one. It currently has 10 amazing maps and survival mode. For rest of the maps, you’re going to have to buy the future DLC which’ll include chapter 2.

2. Planescape: Torment


Planescape: Torment is a cult classic RPG that is released in 1999. It’s still the best RPG ever, even to this day. Don’t let the age of it intimidate you. There is a Enhanced Edition re-make released in 2017 which is available on Steam.

The game features the story of a dead man who encounters different sects of people in the afterlife. Each and every character you meet has different opinions about the meaning of life and the nature of reality. “What can change the nature of a man?” This is what you’ll explore in Planescape: Torment. It’s quite philosophical.

As if the story itself is not occult enough, you can play as a mage too.

3. Cultist Simulator


Do you ever wanted to be a cultist? Or even better, a cult leader with vast number of devoted fanatics. Well, Cultist Simulator is about to fulfill your dark fantasy.

The game has to direct references to specific occult schools or practices. Instead, it uses made up schools. But you can tell which is which if you’ve general knowledge on occult.


So, how to play Cultist Simulator. Well, there are lots of things to do. You can summon alien gods, seize forbidden treasures, feed on your disciples, and seek unholy mysteries in the 1920s. The game is also filled with Lovecraftian elements, my favorite horror literature.

4. The Mortuary Assistant


The Mortuary Assistant is a job simulation game with supernatural, horror, mystery, and occult elements. You are alone with the dead and must work on the corpses. But these are not regular corpses, they are haunted. So, you’ll be embalming, banishing demons, engaging occult rituals, and saving souls.

Expect 10 hours of unique experience. It’s satisfying both visuall and intellectually. Also super fun!

5. Cult of the Lamb


Not every occult game is spooky. In fact, Cult of the Lamb is one of the cutest games of all times.

In the game you play as a possessed lamb saved from annihilation by an ominous stranger, now you must pay your debt by building a cult of loyal followers in his name.

All in all, it’s a cute game with great art style. Definity worth your time.

6. VirtuaVerse


VirtuaVerse is an old school cyberpunk point & click adventure. So, how come it made it to the occult games ranking? VirtuaVerse is narrating the tales of technomancers, crypto shamans, esoteric AI, and dystopian occultism.

In a future not too far away, one AI has prevailed over all other AIs. Eventually declared itself the ruler of world. Societies migrated to a permanently integrated reality connected to a single neural network.


However, Nathan, an outsider still refusing to comply with the new system, living off the grid. You’ll experience VirtuaVerse from his view point.

7. The Necromancer’s Tale


Lucky number seven goes to a story-rich gothic RPG revolving around necromancy. You play the role of a minor noble in the 18th Century, drawn into the dark necromantic art seeking knowledge and revenge.

Unlock the secrets of ancient spellbook, master the rituals, commune with realm of the dead, raise undead, and struggle with your descent into madness.

As I type this lines, The Necromancer’s Tale is not yet released. However, small demo version is available on Steam. That means, developers are fully trusting their work.

8. The Council


The Council is a narrative adventure that is similar to the episodic Telltale games. The game is set in 1793, story follows Louis de Richet, a French man who is invited to a secret organization meeting in the private island off the shores of England. story starts with It’s all about mystery, investigation, and decisions.

The game offers multiple different ways to approach a problem. Solve issues with diplomacy, delve into occultism to expand your historical and scientific knowledge, or play detective and see what others do not perceive.

9. Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Amnesia is the scariest video game franchise ever. It literally redefined the psychological horror genre for gaming. But why is it on the occult games list? Because Amnesia goes deep into alchemy, especially the Amnesia: The Dark Descent. You’ll find many references to alchemy in your playthrough.

All in all, it’s a great mix between horror and occult. Therefore, must be played by those who are interested in both genres.

10. Pathologic 2


Pathologic 2 is an open-world RPG, exploring the human’s natural instinct to survive. Best way to describe the setting of Pathologic 2 would be open world purgatory dreamscape.

The plague haunting the citizens. As a new-comer doctor, you must fight against it by performing various tasks. Such as making medicine, healing people, performing autopsy, trading with people for medicine, and fight if necessary. All in all, Pathologic 2 is a real deal survival game like non-other.

11. The Binding of Isaac


Isaac’s mother starts hearing voices, the voice of God to be specific. God tells her to sacrifice his son Isaac to prove her faith. I mean, it doesn’t get more occult than that!

Isaac then escapes into the basement facing droves of deranged enemies, lost brothers and sisters, his fears, and eventually his mother.

In essence, The Binding of Isaac is a randomly generated rogue-like action RPG shooter with occult elements elements.

12. The Library of Babel


The Library of Babel is a 2D stealth platformer adventure set in the futuristic Babylon, approximately 20.000 years after the end of humanity. In the game, you’ll be joining Ludovik as he explores the jungles of Babylon to discover the secrets behind Library of Babel.

The game features vast jungles, abandoned temples, plentiful cybernetic inhabitants, and thrilling adventure full of danger, intrigue, and philosophy.

13. Diablo 3


Blizzards Diablo is an action RPG dungeon crawler series in which you fight against the Diablo and his minions. It’s literally a kabalistic game full of occult hints for those who have eyes to see. Also there are instances where you see angel numbers, interact with an alchemical transmutation table, and fight hordes of demons insipired by biblical references. This game is impressive if you’re interested in occult knowledge.

What’s funny is, Christians claim that Diablo 3 is satanic and promotes sin. Funny stuff, but could there be truth behind it? Ha ha.

14. Elder Scrolls


Skyrim is possibly the most mainstream and the most popular video game with the occult elements. The lore, gods, demons, religions, and practices; it’s all heavily inspired by the occult.  What’s more, there is a rumor in the forums about Michael Kirkbride the writer for Elder Scrolls, it’s said that he wrote most of the lore while tripping on acid. Some say it’s a myth but there is no way of knowing the exact truth.

Aventus Aretino’s ritual still haunts me to this day.

Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear.

Actually, not only Skyrim but all Elder Scrolls games are filled with occult references.

Elder scrolls occult references:

15. Agony


Agony is a first-person view horror game set in hell itself. Not sure if I need to say this, regardless, Agony is intended for mature audience.

You begin your journey as a tormented soul within the depths of hell with no memories of whatsoever. How can you survive in that environment? Well, you have the special ability to control people and possess demons. So, use magic, agility, claws, and wits to make it to the end.

16. Devil Daggers


Devil Daggers is a fast-paced shooter game that will help you blow off steam. The game puts you in an abyssal arena where you face endless legions of demons. You fight with magic daggers with great power. What’s more, by harvesting demonic crystals, you can increase the power of magic daggers even more.

Main focus is to survive as long as you can all while facing horrifying enemies from hell.

17. Noita


Noite is a magical action rogue-like set in a world where every pixel is physically simulated. Fight, explore, melt, burn, freeze, and use every magic in yoru arsenal to evaporate your way through the magical world of Noita.

In the game you play as a witch. Your power comes from alchemy, magick, and esotericism. Also, traces of Finnish folklore can be found along the way.

18. Occult


You want an occult game? Then play the Occult. The game is literally called Occult and is all about occult references and esotericism.

Occult is a horror game with interesting quests and puzzle. It’s really fun. What’s more, Occult has a co-op option so that you can share the fun with your friends, or strangers.

19. Deceit 2


Nine strangers trapped, two of them hiding a monstrous secret. Outwit and outrun interdimensional psychic vampires without succumbing into the madness.

Deceit basically is an Among Us like social deduction game. Deceit 2 is the improved upcoming version of Deceit.


The game is set in Milhaven Asylum, 1979. An occult ritual horribly gone wrong, killing all but one member of a one prominent family. The case left cold for decades until the fearless truth seekers stepped in. However, now they are trapped, and you are one of them.

20. Cozy Grove


Last occult game on our list is about a spirit scout / witch who is wandering the island’s forest, finding secrets, and helping the local ghosts. After all these scary occult games, relaxing Cozy Grove will be a good ending.

You will meet dozens of memorable characters and spirits, collect spirit animals, craft decorations, go fishing, and do many more interesting stuff in it.


Since it’s a chill, cozy game that is set in an island with cute character, it kinda reminds me of the Animal Crossing. So, if you want a PC alternative, Cozy Grove would be it.

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