Get ready for best cosmetic mods of Baldur’s Gate 3. Basically with these mods, you can create highly unique and beautiful player character.

Almost all Baldur’s Gate 3 characters looks like supermodels. Character creation screen is also highly detailed and allows player to create beautiful characters. However, looks like that is not enough for mod creators and some of the players. Do you want something unique, something more? Then these Baldur’s Gate 3 cosmetic mods are what you need.

12. Random Hairstyles Mod

Latest and the best hair addon for Baldur’s Gate 3 is random hairstyles mod. This mod basically adds 9 new, different, and unique hairstyles to your game. Believe me, they look absolutely amazing. Especially curly and princess hair models are my favorite ones.

11. Facial Piercings Mod

Facial piercings is the best accessory mod ever created for Baldur’s Gate 3. This mod adds all kinds of piercings, rings, and earrings to your game. Besides facial piercings mod comes with two different version for you to choose. First version edits the horns section in character creation. So that you can add these piercings to your character. Whereas the second version adds equipable piercings to your game.  You can find them inside a barrel in your camp and use as much as you can.

10. Simply Tats (64 New Tattoos)

Simply tats mod adds 64 new tattoos for you to choose for character creation screen. During character creation screen, you can choose among 16 tattoos. Because of that this mod has 4 versions, each containing 16 different tattoos. So, there is total 64 new amazing tattoos added by this mod to your game. I suggest that you watch the mod video and choose your version to download. Believe me, these tattoos are very realistic and good looking. Overall, you can use these tattoo mod with all races/genders and I endorse it.

9. Devil Wings Mod

Cambions and devils have amazing wings in Baldur’s Gate 3. Unfortunately, player character can’t play as cambion, succubus or devil. Therefore no way to obtain or have these amazing wings for the player character in base game. Obviously modders have a solution for those who wants to havel devil wings. So I present you the devil wings mod for Baldur’s Gate 3. It created by Krstlnc and uploaded to nexusmods. This might be the coolest and my favorite Baldur’s Gate 3 mod so far. Make sure to check out this one.

8. Tentacion

bg3 geralt mod

Another male complexion mod. As shown above, this mod is focused on male face retexture. Tentacion currently features half-elf and male faces. But mod author plans to add new face customization options for all races in time. So if you like to create a complex face like Geralt’s, I highly suggest that you use Tentacion mod. Even though Tentacion is fairly new, it downloaded like 320 times so far.

7. Tiefling Dewrinkler

tiefling mod

Tiefling de-wrinkler removes the wrinkles on tiefling face. It is basically Baldur’s gate 3 tiefling face 6 retexture mod. Tiefling faces are pretty and beautiful in Baldur’s Gate 3, we can all agree on that. However, some faces are little wrinkly. I know it is realism but some choose beauty over realism in their gameplay.

This tiefling mod created by Arideya and uploaded by Ascendia to nexus web site. You can access to mod page here. So, if you like to remove wrinkles on tiefling faces, go a head and install this mod.

6. Hair Mods

bg3 hair mods

Check out the cosmetic best Baldur’s Gate 3 hair mods. We are very lucky, there are many BG3 hair mods out there.

  • Extra hair slot mod: Remember the horns section from the tiefling races? This mod copies that section and adds it to other races. Except, instead of horns this time there will be second hair styles. By mixing up tow hairstyles is it possible to get something new and cool. Get extra hair slot mod from its nexus page.
  • Hair edits mod: Do you want to use male hairs on female characters or the opposite, female hairs on male characters? This mod in facts allows you to do that without any problem. So, dont waste any time, go and grab hair edits mod from mod page.
  • Padme’s hair edits mod: Lastly im gonna talk about Padme’s hair edits cosmetic mod for Baldur’s Gate 3. Go a head and get it official mod page. In brief, Padme4000 added new hairstyles and edited the old ones with this mod.

5. Face Complexion Mods

bg3 face mods

There are currently two Baldur’s Gate 3 face complexion mod available. One is for male and the other is for female characters. One might argue these two mods are the best Baldur’s Gate 3 face mods. Look at these pictures, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Complexions for ladies: 10 different face texture exist in this mod. Simply choose the one you want and install it. But make sure you have a high end pc before using this mod. Because textures are really high quality and this mod effects npc faces too. You can get this mod from here. It is created by KittenTails and uploaded to nexus. Hey KittenTails, thank you for sharing your amazing work with us.
  • Male Complexions Texture Edits: This mod created by Spellshade and downloaded 320 times so far. There, male complexion mod page. This is a male face mod for Baldur’s Gate 3. Basically this mod does mashups and texture edits for Baldur’s Gate 3 male characters.

4. Shadowheart Alternate Hair

Our beloved Shadowheart is a sweetheart. Shadowheart voice actor is really talented and awesome. But she has karen hairstyle. Which is a bummer. Shadowheart alternate hair mod changes her default hair style with a better one. But be careful, you might fall in love with her after you install this mod.

You can simply download the main mod and get the hair in this video. Furthermore if you like to have a custom hair and color for Shadowheart, you can do it with the modular hair option in the mod-page. You need to be patient and invest time to have the second module but it worth it.

3. Alternate Tattoos

There are currently 16 tattoo styles available in the main game. Some are good, some are bad and some are mixed. If you want more tattoos, then this mod is what you need. However, keep in mind this mod does not add extra tattoos to the list. Instead of that, it replaces the old tattoo textures with the new ones. I highly suggest that you watch the mod video and find out what kind of tattoos coming with it. And decide after that.

This mod is created and uploaded by dunmr to here. It downloaded 1000 times which is a really high number for an early access game mod.

2. Makeup Tattoos

Baldur’s Gate 3 beauty mod makeup tattoos replaces some of the tattoo textures with the makeup styles. I mean instead of using tattoos and makeup, you get to choose two kinds of make up. Like lips and eye makeup combination or cheek and eye makeup etc.

Makeup tattoos mod created by easfocus and uploaded to nexus. Mod page here. Thank you aesfocus for allowing us this opportunity of creating beautiful characters.

1. Customizer Legacy

bg3 cosmetic mods customizer legacy

Currently Baldur’s Gate 3 character creation screen has many options. This mod simply adds more and more options to choose during character creations. Such as faces, hairstyles, eye options, horn options, and colors. One might call this one a character customization mod. Customizer legacy is one of the most downloaded Baldur’s Gate 3 cosmetic mods. My point is if you like to create highly customized and unique character, this mod is a must.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Customizer Legacy mod page here. It is created and uploaded by AlanaSP. Thank you Alana for giving us such an amazing option to create our dream character. That was the last item on beautiful Baldur’s Gate 3 cosmetic mods list. Thank you for reading. If you have any problem installing any of these mods, I suggest you check out our BG3 mod installation guide here. I hope to see you soon with Baldur’s Gate 3 skin mod next time, bye for now.

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