Hello fellow gamers, today I’ve complied the best clothing, outfits, wings, accessories, and costumes that would make your character look prettier. I’ve already made a list for best Baldur’s Gate 3 cosmetic mods and armor mods before.

But this time I will talk about dresses. Get ready for the complete guide to the best outfit and clothing mods of Baldur’s Gate 3.

10. Basket Full of Equipment

Basket full of equipment mod adds +200 new gear. Most of these gears are outfits, clothing, and dress. Both for men and women. However, gears are mostly made for humanoid characters.

Make sure to check out the video above to see these amazing equipments.

9. Loviatar Robes Mod

Loviatar robes are sexy! This loviatar robes mod simply adds this awesome clothing to your game with different variances. Such as heavy armor, medium armor, robe, dex, str, etc.

These robes are human male exclusive. Still you can wear them with other characters but they will appear as regular robes.

So, if you want your male characters look sexy, I recommend you to get this mod as soon as possible.

8. Barbarian Clothing Mod

You wanna be a barbarian? Then first, you should go to Baldur’s Gate 3 class mods page and get the playable barbarians mod. Once you get the barbarian class mod, you should go for barbarian armor mod next. But class mod is not mandatory for this armor. You can also check Baldur’s Gate 3 barbarian mods page.

Barbarian armor mod adds 3 pieces of clothing to your game. They don’t have any stats at the moment. However, they look amazing and totally worth wearing.

7. Herbalist Outfit Set

Herbalist outfit in Baldur’s Gate 3 looks absolutely amazing. You want to dress your nature lover character? Then herbalist outfit is just what you need. Also you can get rest of the Baldur’s Gate 3 druid mods here.

So, herbalist set includes threads, bracers, footwraps, and wreath. You can equip them all and complete the set, or you can simply equip them seperately, mixed with other armors.

6. Biker Chick Outfit

This mod adds a really cool outfit for human sized female characters. Biker chick outfit is exclusive to the human height races and cannot be used by dwarves, and halflings. For the males, this armor looks like regular drow leather armor. That’s how it is modeled.

The clothes coming with this mod are biker chick armor, biker chick boots, and biker chick bracers. You can equip all of them for the complete outfit or you can combine some parts with different clothes for your own customized look.

5. Two New Black Outfits

Do you like black outfits? Are you into goth stuff? If so this mod is just what you are looking for.

Like the biker chick outfit, this outfits too are only working for human height female characters. However, they look really really good on humans and elves, you can watch the video above to fact check my argument.

4. Black Casual Outfits

This is the third black outfit mod on our list. However, this one is little bit different. Instead of biker, leather, and goth stuff these are more casual black outfits.

3. Equippable Wings

Devil wings are an amazing anomaly on our Baldur’s Gate 3 outfit mods. Because they are not actually outfits but equipable organic accessories. By organic I mean you can equip or unequip these wings any time you want and once you equip them you can actually fly with new 2 devil wing spells.

What more is you can actually modify these wings colors. Red and azure color tones are looks absolutely amazing.

2. Devilish Pack (Mizora’s dress and Raphael’s clothes.)

Do you remember the cambion Raphael and succubus Mizora? This mod adds their outfits to the goblin camp traders inventory. They may cost around 2000 gold which is a lot, but they look amazing and totally worth buying.

Devilish pack outfits are also exclusive to the human height characters. If you wear them with halfling or dwarf character, it will appear as a regular simple robe.

Mizora’s dress looks absolutely stunning and you should definitely give it a try.

1. Skimpy Nightsong and Black Outfits

Final mod on my list and my favorite is this one because shit tons of amazing outfits included in a single pack.

You can dress your all 6 character differently with both skimpy, non skimpy options in a beautiful way.

Your characters will look amazing in these skimpy nightsong, and black outfits and you will love it. I can most definitely guarantee it.



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