Baldur’s Gate 3 dowry, ring, key, rescue the the trapped man, Miri, Benryn, the risen road, and quest. Dowry is a ring and a quest item must be found in order to complete rescue the trapped man quest.

Mirileth or in short, Miri is Benryn’s wife. She died in the mansion fire. Benryn managed to escape and the player has to tell this grim news about her wives death.

One of the notable items can be found in this quest is suite key.

Rescue the trapped man questline:

  • Free the trapped man.
  • Get Benryn to safe.
  • Find Miri.
  • Tell Benryn where Miri is.
  • Find the dowry.
  • Return to Benryn.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Dowry Location

baldur's gate 3 where is dowry

Where is the dowry in Baldur’s Gate 3? Dowry ring is in a hidden haystack inside the barn. First you must walk into the flames and find the barn. Rain spell can be cast on the road. After that you must enter the barn and search the haystack.

If you cast speak with the dead spell on the dead wife, she will reveal the location to you. I am talking about the barn of course, she doesn’t tell you the coordinates unlike me.

Exact location coordinates:

  • First go through the fire in X:-74, Y:605.
  • Then find the barn at X:-95, Y:616ç
  • Lastly enter the barn and search the haystack, not for a needle, but for dowry ring. Location: X:-100, Y:622.

dowry location

You need to do a perception check in order to find the dowry. You might have an interesting monologue when searching the haystack, especially with the Astarion. He makes a funny comment, but I wont reveal it to you. Because almost everybody hates spoilers right? After you take the ring, bring it back to Benryn and complete the quest.

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