Did you know you can dual wield hand crossbow in Baldur’s Gate 3? Yeah well you can. Hand crossbow is a very rare weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is very hard to come by. But there are certain ways to obtain it. Which I will reveal to you in a minute.


First I wish to tell you all hand crossbow locations at the vanilla game. Then I will tell you the best hand crossbow mods.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Hand Crossbow Locations

baldur's gate 3 hand crossbow location

2 of the static hand crossbow locations have been found by the player base.

First location can be found in the underdark. Check the deep gnome corpses near the duegar beach. One of the deep gnomes have a hand crossbow for you to loot. So, go near the myconid post, check x:102, y:237 coordinates, and do let me know if you find the hand crossbow.

Second one is near the petrified drows and the spectator. Since it is inside a bag, and surrounded by fog, you might have a hard time finding it. Due to hardship of finding a hand crossbow, I recommend you to check the mods below.

Hand Crossbow Mods

There are currently only 2 mods that gives hand crossbows to the player so far. One is legendary items, and the other one is add all items mods. They are both equally important for getting a hand crossbow easily.

1. Legendary Items

This mod adds all kinds of legendary items to your game, including dual wield hand crossbows.

Did you knew that dual wielding hand crossbows has a high probability of crashing your game, and corrupting your save files? Well, base game hand crossbows might do that. But hand crossbows coming with this mod doesn’t have these problems and can be dual wielded with no problem. Basically, mod author fixed that issue all by himself.

Legendary items mod adds other amazing legendary items too, such as dragon blade, flail of pain, venom, ring of power, hungering hammer, etc.

2. Add All Items

Do you want all the items in Baldur’s Gate 3? Add all items mod adds each and every in-game item to your camp. Including hand crossbows. Even more, this mod adds some items from act 2 and 3 by reverse engineering game codes.

This mod adds tons of items to your camp. In order to categorized them a little bit, mod author decided to add 3 different barrels of course. One for weapons, one for armors, and one for miscellaneous items.

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