Welcome to the list of 15 best merchant mods made for Skyrim Special Edition. On this page you will find the most immersive, realistic, and lore-friendly trade related mods.


I have listed the best merchant mods, trade overhauls, vendor enhancements, and the top trading related Skyrim Special Edition mods for you. So, that you can finally enjoy the economy aspect of Skyrim. There are 15 economy / merchant mods in my list so far. But of course if new mods gets released on this specific area, I will most definitely update this list.

Get your Septims ready, because Skyrim Special Edition best merchant mods list starts here.

15. Trade and Barter

trade and barter sse

With Trade & Barter mod, you can edit and adjust the rates of Skyrim economy. Such as merchant gold, trading perks, inventory restock timing, etc.

You can use this mod to make your trading game harder, easier, or realistic.

14. Storefront

sse stall mod

Storefront mod allows your spouse to set up a proper shop outside of your house.

I don’t like strangers barging into my home and trading with my wife when I am not at home. Besides it is much more immersive and realistic that way.

13. Miners and Farmers Sell Supplies

farmer traders skyrim special edition

Miners and farmers should sell their supplies to player as a default. But looks like game developers have forgot to implement that.

Eventually mod community decided to fix that for bethesda and players. Miners and farmers sell supplies modturns these characters into a street vendors. In the long run its a fine and immersive detail.

Why pay tons of money to middleman when you can just buy it from producers?

12. Merchants Sells Food

food merchants sse

If you are playing on hard core mod with realistic needs and diseases, this mod is really important. You need to feed you character but merchants not selling enough food and that ruins the realism. Merchants sells food mod fixes that issue right away.

Whenever you feel hungry, you can get yourself fed at the inns, taverns, and khajiit caravans.

11. Hearthfire Trader

hearthfire traders sse

Hearthfire trader mod adds new merchants to the Hearthfire dlc player homes. Such as Heljarchen Hall, Winstad Manor, and Lakeview Manor.

Also these traders will live on your property. Because of that, they won’t spawn until you build your new home. Certainly it is more realistic and lore-friendly that way.

10. Khajiit Merchants Buy Stolen Items

sse khajiit merchant stolen

Khajiit merchants should buy stolen items by default. Wouldn’t you agree?

Khajiit are unfortunately hated all across Skyrim. Residents see them as a thieves, and brigands. Even their caravans are not allowed to enter major cities.

Well, perhaps khajiit should start to buy and sell stolen items to make a living, especially the ones settled outside the holds.

9. Astral Merchant and Chest

conjure merchant sse

Astral chest, and merchant can be conjured from astral plane with this spells. Obviously to get these spells, you must install astral merchant and chest mod to your Skyrim Special Edition build.

They don’t cost any magicka. Therefore you can use this mod with non-magic characters.

Well, if you hate going back and forth to empty your inventory, then you should definitely grab this mod to ease your burden.

8. Rogue Merchant Alliance

sse merchant guild

Rogue merchant alliance is a consortium or perhaps a guild traders. Basically this mod adds 4 new traders with deep pockets and 4 new epic companions with eccentric fighting styles.

And most importantly, a new faction called Rogue Merchant Alliance.

7. Merchant Wares Variety

Merchant Wares Variety sseS

As it can be seen at the title, this mod adds variety of new items to merchants inventories. Therefore giving the player more immersive and more realistic trading experience.

I mean, regular merchants should not sell lockpicks, am I right? And merchants should have more localized and specialized items. For this purpose, this mod overhauls vendors inventory varieties.

Certainly this is one of the best merchant overhaul mods in Skyrim Special Edition.

6. Small Town Merchants

small town merchants sse

Small town merchants mod adds new stores to all, you know, small towns. Maybe small but they are still towns. Each of these towns should have at least one small shop. For that reason this mod has been crated.

So, these are the new shop locations coming with this mod:

  • Rorikstead
  • Ivarstead
  • Dawnstar
  • Morthal
  • Shor’s Stone
  • Karthwasten
  • Kynesgrove
  • Dragon Bridge

5. More Merchants Mod

more merchants sse

Do you want to have more merchants in your Skyrim? Then you should definitely get more merchants mod.

Well as I have said this mod adds new merchants to your game. Specifically 10 new vendor will start trading all across Tamriel with mod.

4. Rich Skyrim Merchants

rich merchants sse

Rich Skyrim merchants is just what we needed. Even though there are tons of merchants in each and every corner of Skyrim, most of them are poor and can’t fence most of our items.

Mod community decided to solve this problem. To that end, rich Skyrim merchants mod emerged and increased the merchants gold by 2x, 5x, or 10x. Depending on your choice.

During late game, the player hoards tons of valuable items, and without this mod it is impossible to sell these items in the vanilla game.

3. The Mudcrab Merchant

sse mudcrab merchant

Mucrab mechant is a talking vendor character, first appeared at Elder Scrolls Morrowind. Then we met our little friend again at Oblivion, Legends, Skyrim, Baldur’s Gate 3, etc. Mostly as a mod tho.

In Skyrim, it can be found at Demphall Mine which is located in Solstheim.

Want to know more about mud crab merchant ? By all means, find out more about its history and background at my mudcrab merchant article.

2. Immersive Merchants

buy from display sse

This mod allows you to buy everything you see in the shops displays. After all they are merchandise and you should be able to buy them if you like.

Immersive merchants mod not only allows you to buy display items but also allows you to buy harvestable items inside the shop. Such as elves ears, fish, and other hanged stuff.

Thank god finally we can walk into a shop and barter like a normal person.

1. Adura’s Merchant Mod

skyrim player shop stall

Finally, Adura’s merchant mod – player shops, if you’ll ask me this is the best merchant mod of Skyrim Special Edition.

Once you purchase a property in one of the big holds, you will also have an option to open your very own stall. You need to buy or craft your own stall first. After that, you can set up your shop and sell all kinds of items to the residents of your city.

And of course you can hire someone else to run your stall business while you explore and bring back more items for sale.

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