Baldur’s Gate 3 Gods & Deities

Gods, goddesses, and deities of Baldur's Gate 3 are explained.

bg3 gods and deities

As you already know, D&D Forgotten Realms have a HUGE pantheon of gods. Since it based on Forgotten Realms setting, Baldur’s Gate 3 too have many gods, goddesses, and deities in it. Some are good, some are bad, and some are mixed.

We will probably encounter or hear plenty of gods in Baldur’s Gate 3 full release. But I don’t think there is enough content to mention all gods. Only the relevant ones to the story and gameplay will take place in BG3 I guess. Perhaps we’ll even get to kill one! Who wouldn’t want to slay a god? I for one would definitely want to slay an evil one…

By the way, you can read the books for more information about pantheon if you want. Afterall, the lore is pretty rich and fun to read.


So, all the gods, goddesses, and deities in Baldur’s Gate 3 universe are listed below. Scroll down to see them. But beware, they are many!

Baldur’s Gate 3 Gods and Goddesses

These are the gods of realms. I have listed them in an alphabetical order. Still, most popular and important ones are highlighted.

BG3 Racial Gods and Deities

All races have their own gods and deities in Baldur’s Gate 3 universe. Each unique in their own way. These are the BG3 racial deities:

Baldur’s Gate 3 Pantheon

Total 61 BG3 gods, goddesses, and deities listed on this page. If I have missed one, please let me know. So that I can update the page accordingly.

The god pantheon of Baldur’s Gate 3 reminds me of Silmarillion. Which is equally big in numbers. Not even the game masters can memorize all of them.

Gods that are relevant to the story probably will be in the game. After the full release of course. I am excited see them. Especially the Maglubiyet intrigues me a lot. I wonder why… Do let me know which gods in BG3 interests you in the comments.

Baldur’s Gate Chronology

Well, I hope you enjoyed the content. I would like to hear your opinion about BG3 gods, goddesses, and deities. Leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Later then!

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