Why Do You Keep Getting Bane in BG3?

Absolute's bane curse and gloves of power explained in this Baldur's Gate 3 game guide.

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Getting bane curse every time you fight one of the most annoying things in Baldur’s Gate 3. What is the reason behind it? Why do you keep getting bane in BG3? It has the simplest answer.

You are keep getting bane in Baldur’s Gate 3 because your character is wearing gloves of power. It is a unique uncommon item that gives bane de-buff to both wearer and the targeted character.


It is also possible to get rid of this negative-debuff. Either remove the gloves or get the Absolute’s Mark to be the true believer. Goblin priestess True Soul Gut would gladly brand you and give you the Absolute’s Mark.

All in all, solve this issue right away and avoid getting bane. Because it is pretty powerful and can be game changing.

Gloves of Power Baldur’s Gate 3

Here is the magical item I was telling you about. Gloves of Power is really powerful. You can loot it from the corpse of Goblin Boss Za’krug right after the fight in front of Druid’s Grove.

Gloves of Power
Uncommon Gloves

Blessed by Priestess Gut, these gauntlets aid any who bear the Absolute’s mark upon their flesh – but woe any non-believer who hopes to steal their power.

The wearer of this item gains:
Absolute’s Bane
Creatures hit by an attack may receive a 1d4 penalty to Attack Rolls and Saving Throws.

As I have told before, Absolute’s Bane is a double-edged sword. In order to remove its advantages, one must be branded by True Soul Gut and receive Absolute’s Mark. That is the cure. Until you do that, treat it as a cursed item, because you will keep getting bane in BG3.

It’s probably the first magical item we can get our hands on in Baldur’s Gate 3. Why did it have to require such pre-conditions to use it correctly? Well, it adds some depth to the game, I guess.

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