Necromancy is one of the best wizard class out there. In terms of both fun and versatility. However, Larian didn’t include necromancer class in Baldur’s Gate 3 early access. Then again, there is no info on the necromancer class and we don’t know if it will be added on the later updates.

Obviously DND have necromancer classes in it. That is why there is a high possibility that we might get our beloved necromancy class and subclasses. Fingers crossed ladies and gentleman.


Besides Larian studios is really experienced in necromancer class. Have you played the latest Larian game Divinity Original Sin 2? It had absolutely phenomenal necromancer class.

Baldur’s gate 3 Necromancer Class

In 5e, necromancer is a wizard subclass that can be picked at level 2. Because of that I believe we might get necromancer subclass very soon with the latest BG3 updates.

Baldur’s gate 3 Necromancer build should be relatively close to the other wizard ones I suppose.

Even though we don’t have official necromancer class yet, there are still some skills and spells that allows you to roleplay as a necromancer.

  1. Bitter Divorce: This is a wand that can be acquired after killing the hag. It resurrects Mayrina’s dead husband as a minion of yours.
  2. Animating Spores: Glut the Myconid follower in the Underdark can use animating spores for your party. It simply revives the dead!
  3. Animate Dead: If you resurrect Gekh Coal in the underdark, he will join your group. And guess what? Gerk Coal has animate dead spell which you know, animates the dead.

Also there is a book called necromancy of Thay. However, it only gives speak with the death spell. Probably because of the early access, it is incomplete.

BG3 Necromancer Mods

bg3 necromancy mods

There are few Baldur’s Gate 3 necromancer mods available. You might not find a class mod but there are several spell and skill mods that adds necromancy to your game.

1. Arcane Rings Mod

Arcane rings mod adds 18 enchanted rings to your game. Some of these rings have necromancer spells.

  1. Necrotic Beam: Cast a necromatic beam of energy. (4d6+3) necrotic damage. Chance to paralyze target.
  2. Bloodbath: Conjure a flowing stream of blood. (2d8+3) force damage. Creates pool of slippery blood.
  3. Revivify: Return o companion to life with some hit points.

2. Gale’s Book of Spells and Trinkets Mod

This mod adds 18 magical items / spells to the Gale’s robe. It is specifically made for Gale. However, other party members can access them to by wearing his robe.

Of course one of the spells coming with this mod is called hand of zombie hoard. It basically summons 3 zombies to fight at your side.

3. Necromancer Spell Mod

This mod simply removes spell slot requirement for find familiar, adds animate dead and conjure animal spells to armor pieces.

Animate dead: Animate a pile of bones or a corpse to create an undead servant.

Mod-page can be found just right over there.


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