We had it in Divinity Original sin 2 but Baldur’s Gate 3 doesn’t have a respec mirror. I’m referencing DOS2 because both game are made by Larian Studios. So, I believe there is a huge possibility that Larian will implement respec mirror to Baldur’s Gate 3. With the full release of course. But worry not, Baldur’s Gate 3 respec option is available! Famous Baldur’s Gate 3 modder DiZ recently released a respec mod! With this mod, we can finally respec our skills in BG3.

How to respec in Baldur’s Gate 3? The correct answer would be: With Baldur’s Gate 3 respec mod. Well, I guess modders will complete this game before Larian does! This awesome patch 5 compatible mod and it’s description can be found on the paragraph below.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Respec Mod

bg3 respec mod

This mod is fairly new. And as I told you before, it is patch 5 compatible. So, you won’t have any problem using it with the latest update. Here is the download link for this masterpiece.

Before you go, I would like to tell you something. Respec mod doesn’t add mirror to your game. Instead it gives you 4 carriable books called respeccing for dummies. These books can be used any time, any amount of numbers. Unlimited usage is really important.

Fair warning! This mod is currently work in progress. It isn’t perfect. Name, background, race and appearance settings are locked. However, you can edit your characters class, skills, and attributes.


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