Command the Apocalypse Squad – Divinity Fallen Heroes

Will there be a Divinity Fallen Heroes? Is Divinity Fallen Heroes cancelled? Latest news.

command apocalypse squad

Command the apocalypse squad, that’s my favorite catchphrase from the trailer. It’s been three years, what happened to that game? Divinity Fallen Heroes is one of the most anticipated games of Larian Studios. It’s announced for November 2019. However, things didn’t went as expected.


When is the Divinity Fallen Heroes release date? Is it cancelled? Of course not. Divinity Fallen Heroes is not cancelled. It’s just put on hold for indefinite amount of time. So, what is the reasoning behind this? Trailer was looking good, reactions were great, and the game was promising.

Unfortunately, this project is put on hold. Because developers had a bigger fish to fry… Larian Studios started working on Baldur’s Gate 3. Meanwhile co-developers Logic Artists were trying to release their Expeditions games. Basically, lack of manpower and resources was the cause behind this decision.

Of course, this decision made fans really angry, such as myself. I really wanted to play this game in 2019, as promised. But to be honest, no one would want to play incomplete, half assed made Divinity game. I understand the decision behind, yet I am still bitter about it.

Anyway, here is the amazing Divinity Fallen Heroes gameplay trailer. A board the lady vengeance!

Divinity: Fallen Heroes will continue the story of Divinity: Original Sin 2. It is kind of a sequel to Divinity Original Series, although this time gameplay is going to be different. New X-Com like gameplay offers a unique experience. Meaning less open world, more missions.

I don’t mind playing any kind of Divinity / Larian game. Larian Studios does know how to make great games. I am looking forward for their next projects.

Divinity Fallen Heroes Latest News

They will release it eventually.  But God knows when… Latest news about it can be found at the official website. Also, you can follow the Larian Studios social media accounts. In any case, if anything new comes up, I will update this article and share the news with you guys. Until then, all we can do is wait. In the meantime, you can try out games like Divinity Original Sin 2.


In summary, don’t expect Divinity Fallen Heroes before Baldur’s Gate 3 full version. It might be the next Larian project after the BG3 full release. But can’t say for sure. Because developers may decide to work on Divinity Original Sin 3.

So, if they decide to work on it again and gives us a release date, I will update this page immediately. But for now, Divinity Fallen Heroes 2022 news ends here. We must wait a lot to command the apocalypse squad.

Thank you for reading this article. Don’t forget to leave your comments below about the future of the Fallen Heroes. I would like to hear your thoughts. Okay, see you later, until we meet again.

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