HOI4 Best Division Templates

hoi4 best division template

Are you having problem winning land battles in HOI4? If so, you must pay attention to three key things. Supply, air superiority and division templates. Also the divisions you made must be fully equipped. On this article, I will help you to make the best HOI4 division templates possible. For infantry, motorized, armoured, and garrison divisions.

Once you created the divisions I mentioned below, make sure they are fully equipped. Because divisions with missing equipments are basically worthless. Lastly, make sure to train your divisions to at least experience level 3 before war starts. Because level 3 gives +25% modifier in combat.

Now we are starting the hoi4 best division templates with infantry because they are mandatory for holding frontlines. And don’t forget to create some armoured / motorized battalions for pushing through.

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Best Infantry Template in HOI4

Top HOI4 infantry template would be the 7/2, 20 width one. Simply add 7 infantry and 2 artillery to your infantry template. Their order is not important. This will make its combat width 20 which is optimal for early – mid game.

Of course you must add engineer company, motorized recon company, and support artillery to buff this optimized division.

If you think you can support your armies with enough supply, you can double the numbers and increase the width to 40. Which is the best combat width for the late game.

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Best Motorized Template in HOI4

Another 7/2 template, but this time with motorized units. Motorized template have 12 km/h speed whereas infantry have only 4 km/h. That means motorized templates are 3x faster and can help you to encircle enemy divisions. For rushing through enemy lands, motorized divisions backed by armoured divisions is the key.

Difference between motorized and infantry templates are not only in speed. Motorized templates have more organization, suppression and breakthrough. However, you must produce tons of trucks and oil in order to sustain these divisions.

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Best Tank Template HOI4

Tanks are the best battalions for pushing frontlines. However, they must always be supported by infantry. I always use motorized infantry on the tank divisions because speed is everything. Motorized divisions have 12 km/h speed. An optimized tank should have at least 8-10 speed. Once you combine tanks and motorized divisions, that speed and push bonus allows you to encircle enemy divisions. Which is the best way to defeat your enemies.

For 20 width, optimal armoured division should have 6 tanks and 4 motorized infantry. Also they must be supported with engineer and recon for land bonuses. Artillery support also gives a good soft attack which is good for repelling enemy infantry divisions.

Best Garrison Template HOI4

If you are playing an expansionist country, you can not spare tons of resources to your garrisons. At least in the early-mid game. Also the military police support is a must for the garrison divisions.

In order to get full effects from military police support, you need at least 5 divisions. So, 5 cavalry and 1 MP is enough for starter. However, once you have tank surplus, you can add couple of tanks to your garrison division for armor. That extra armor bonus would increase the hardness and reduce the manpower loss during a resistance activity.

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