Who the hell is mudcrab merchant anyway? Well first of all we know it’s a mudcrab. A mudcrab that buys and sells all kinds of items. Does this friendly creature have history? A name? We first met mudcrab merchant in Morrowind, after that with mods or not we saw it at oblivion, Eso, Skyrim, legends and finally now in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Mudcrab Merchant Morrowind

morrowind mudcrab merchant map

We first met mudcrab merchant in Morrowind. Let’s start with where is mudcrab merchant in Morrowind? The famous mudcrab merchant can be found in the Azura’s Coast region. Exact location 75201, -77474. There you go. Richest merchant in the game at your service. 10.000 gold can you believe it? How can one mudcrab have such a wealth? In fact mudcrab merchants history is unknown. However we know it’s highly intelligent. And can talk which is unbelievable. What’s more it has a alcohol problem. Mud crab merchant sells a lot of beverages and talks like a drunk person. Here are some quotes from it:

How dry I am
How dry I am
Nobody knows
How dry I am

Shay! Hi, there. Let’s make a deal. I got stuff. Lots here, see?

Whaddaya think? Sheesh. I’m a mudcarb… crab. Shure. A mudcrab. Thas me. Pretty sure. I look like a mudcrab, right? Mush be, this is me talking, right? So? I mush be a talking mudcrab. And I sells stuff, right? So? I mush be a talking mudcrab merchant. Stands to reason, don’t it?

Did this little guy achieved CHIM?

How to find mudcrab merchant? It takes a lot of time and effort to get to it’s location. In the early levels it can actually become quite difficult to get there. However in Morrowind, you can spawn mudcrab vendor to your location. Open your console. And simply type placeatpc mudcrab_unique1,1,1, this will spawn mudcrab merchant to your location. If it’s dead worry not, click it’s corpse and type resurrect on your console. In case you are wondering, Morrowind mudcrab merchant id: mudcrab_unique.

What does mudcrab merchant buy? Weapons, armors and potions basically. No ingredients though. Morrowind rebirth also has mudcrab merchant in it. Although it is nerfed a little bit. Instead of having 10.000 gold, mudcrab trader have 5.000 gold in morrowind rebirth.

Mudcrab Merchant Legends

mudcrab merchant legends

Mudcrab merchant in legends is a creature card which introduced to the game with houses of morrowind expansion. It is a card. But also an enemy in the flooded camp campaign. You get to fight mudcrab merchant in New Seoth Palace, I must say master difficulty is quite challenging. Because of the catch of the day support, instead of drawing a card at the start of your turn, the crab offers you a choice of wares. Best way to beat it stalling enough to generate tempo. Let’s talk about The Elder Scrolls: Legends – mudcrab merchant card.

Mudcrab Merchant Card

mudcrab merchant card

Summon: The Merchant shows you two cards he has for sale. Choose one to put into your hand. He puts the other into your opponent’s hand. It is an epic card and belongs to the House of Morrowind set. That’s about it. If you are looking for a fun deck rather than a win oriented deck, I say go for it.

Mudcrab Merchant ESO

mudcrab merchant eso

Elder Scroll Online is an amazing mmorpg. I have played quite a lot and I was a guild leader with 500 members. That was the limit back then. Had to let it go because ESO was consuming ridiculous amount of time. Therefore make sure you have enough time and passion for this giant mmorpg game before starting this journey. Uh, oh, what was i saying? Yes, mudcrab merchant exist in eso.

SHOWT1M3 posted series of image on reddit and claimed mudcrab merchant can be found in ESO. Elder Scrolls Morrowind and Elder Scrolls Online have the same map. In ESO, if you go to the same island where mudcrab merchant lives in Morrowind, you will find the same island inhabited with mud crabs. Nevertheless, they don’t talk or trade. Did mudcrab merchant retired? Are these guys his descendants? Who knows.

Mudcrab Merchant Mod

Mud crab merchant officially exist only in two games. Elder Scrolls Morrowind and Elder Scrolls: Legends. However, there are many mods that adds mudcrab merchant to the various games. Such as, Baldur’s Gate 3, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, and Elder Scrolls Skyrim. We can never thank enough to the hard working modders for their brilliant works.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Mudcrab Merchant Mod

Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the best isometric RPG of all times. And this awesome mod basically adds a mudcrab merchant to your camp in Baldur’s Gate 3. As expected this little guy carries 10.000 gold in his pockets. You are unable to steal anything from it so don’t even try. There are various mods adds new items to the Baldur’s Gate 3. This mudcrab merchant mod also works as a vessel to bring these modded items to the player. If you like role playing games, go for Baldur’s Gate 3 and make sure you install mud crab merchant mod. You can find Baldur’s Gate 3 mod installation guide here if you have problems installing. Our little crab friend is a must in this game believe me.

Oblivion Mudcrab Merchant Mod

Yes we can also add our little orange fella to the Elder Scrolls Oblivion. As I have said in the title, we must install a mod. Mod is called mudcrab and creeper return. This mod not only adds our mudcrab friend, but also adds another strange trader from Morrowind: creeper. Mudcrab has 10.000 gold and creeper 5.000. Just as it was like in the Morrowind. We can call this one a lore friendly mod. I remember I was killed by a mudcrab in my earliest Oblivion playthroughs. Without doubt, they were good days.

Skyrim Mudcrab Merchant Mod

At last, my favorite game, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Skyrim happens to be one of the most played RPG game of all times. And the modding significantly raised during this time. Mod community grew too much beyond comprehension. Thanks to that you can find all kinds of mods for Skyrim and now other games too. Including mudcrab mods.


There are multiple mudcrab trader mods for both Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition. All you have to do is visit nexus or steam workshop and install. If you are into Skyrim go out and grab em. The dlc sized mod Wyrmstooth is also brings mud crab merchant to Tamriel. Thanks for reading that was all. I am hoping to see you again soon.

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