Druids are a big part of Baldur’s Gate 3. First settlement we enter is the druids groove. First big quest we enlist is saving Druid Halsin. Yet, the druid class is unavailable to the player. It simply not implemented yet in the early access. Worry not though, luckily we have druid mods for Baldur’s Gate 3, thanks to the modding community.


Released Baldur’s Gate 3 druid mods are druid class mod, druid armor mod, and some bug fixes for druids. Now let us begin our reviews for these druid mods one by one.

Druid Class Mod

Druid class is not available in the Baldur’s Gate 3 early access. However, druid class, it’s spells, and special tag dialogues exist in the game core. Mod community dug these codes, polished them a bit, and released this amazing playable druid class mod.

Playable druid class mod also comes with 2 subclasses. They are circle of the land and circle of the moon. There was also an another class was released, called mountain land circle. However, mountain land circle spells was mostly incomplete in the game code. Therefore later that subclass removed.

If you enjoyed druid class features, make sure to check out all other Baldur’s Gate 3 class mods here. Bard, paladin, monk, sorcerer, barbarian, and druid class mods are available at the moment. If you have problems installing mods, try our Baldur’s Gate 3 mod installation guide.

Druid Armor Sets Mod

Druid armor sets mod adds two druid armor sets for most races and genders. There aren’t any druid armors in the early access. So, if you are going to play with druid class mod, you should most definitely grab this amazing armor mod.

This mod contains the following equipments for druids:

  • Druid’s Tunic
  • Druid’s Bracers
  • Druid Circlet
  • Antler Headdress
  • Herbalist Threads
  • Herbalist Wreath
  • Herbalist’s Footwraps
  • Herbalist’s Bracers

These armor sets are immersive and role friendly. Do not hesitate to install them. Also if you wish to spice things up a little bit, check out best armor mods and best outfit mods for Baldur’s Gate 3.

Functional Shillelagh Cantrip


Shillelagh is one of the most important druid spell in the game. However, even though shillelagh exist in the game code, it’s still incomplete and not working.

So, that’s why functional shillelagh cantrip mod is a must for best druid class experience. By the way this mod does not add shillelagh to any cantrip list, instead it fixes the shillelagh functionality in druid class mod.

You can get it from here. I don’t have a video for it sorry. Because, you know, it’s just one spell even though it’s really important for druids.

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