Baldur’s Gate 3 Future Companions

Possible future companions and origin characters of Baldur's Gate 3. Datamine results and speculations.

bg3 future companions

New companions are expected in Baldur’s Gate 3. There are couple of speculations. But none of these are for certain. Of course there were some datamining done by the community that yield some results. However, Baldur’s Gate 3 is constantly getting updates and changes. Nothing is certain yet.

So, let us talk about the most requested and possible characters. Get ready for the possible future Baldur’s Gate 3 companions.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Origin Characters

1. Karlach

Karlach is a confirmed tadpole host in the early access. That means she will probably be our next companion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Also, she is a paladin. It is high possibility that we will have a companion for each class available. BG3 datamine voice lines also points to this possibility.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Karlach Voice

2. Halsin

Halsin become pretty popular among the Baldur’s Gate 3 player community. Because he has a good story and body if you know what I mean. He is pretty strong too. How did goblins capture him anyway?


Who else wants to romance Halsin?

We will probably have a druid companion in the future that’s for certain. What uncertain is who is it going to be. My vote is for Halsin.

3. Alfira

Who doesn’t love Alfira? Her character, story, music, and voice actor is amazing.

I really wish her to be the bard companion of our little troupe. She can inspire us, demoralize our enemies, and play a little tune every now and then.


If that happens, we might even romance her! Due to these facts I stated before, she is my first companion wish from Baldur’s Gate full release.

4. Gandrel

Oh boy, this guy is really strong. Monster hunter Gandrel is very handsome and popular among the fanbase. Since we are in a world full of monsters, a monster hunter would be a great help.

Don’t you want to decide between Gandrel and Astarion? That would be such a RPG thing don’t you agree? After all good aligned players can go for Gandrel. Therefore making evil aligned characters going for vampire Astarion. Man, I wish we could have them both!

5. Minthara

Minthara is not a companion in BG3 early access. Nevertheless, she is a romance option which makes me believe she will become a companion in the future.

She is pretty evil. I bet Minthara will be a great companion in the future for Baldur’s Gate 3 evil playthrough.

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, her hair recently revamped into a more beautiful one that suits her personality.

6. Barcus Wroot

Do you remember the deep gnome guy we saved from the goblins? Surely a gnome tied to a windmill for torture was an unforgettable scene.

Basically there should be at least one gnome companion and I believe Barcus Wroot is the perfect choice. Because he is both interesting and entertaining at the same time.

7. Rugan

Just another possible future Baldur’s Gate 3 companion.

Rugan is a sexy caravan leader, tied to find the missing shipment quest. Since his crew is completely torn to pieces, I believe he can start following us into the depths of Baldur’s Gate.

8. Zevlor

Well, why not? During the druid groove you can choose to side with either druids or tieflings. So, if you choose druids Halsin becomes a companion. But if you choose Tieflings then Zevlor becomes the new party member? Don’t you think it is fair? I believe it is.

This guy has the strongest facial structure ever.

9. Lump

Calling Lump a simple ogre would be understatement. He is to be called Lump the Enlightened obviously.

He is much smarter than other ogres we encounter because Lump digested a headband of intellect.

Imagine the possibilities.

10. Lakrissa

Do you remember the bet you made with a tiefling in the groove? Yep, that was Lakrissa!

You and she made a wager on about making it to Baldur’s Gate.

Once the goblins are taken care of, she comes to your camp and drinks with you.

I love her model and voice actor, please make her a possible companion!

11. Sazza

On this list we have elves, tieflings, gnomes, humans, even an ogre! Why shouldn’t we have one goblin companion too?

We save her from the prison and Sazza helps us to get to the goblin camp for tadpole treatment in return. After all she becomes a companion for a short amount of time. Why not make this permanent I ask.

12. Aradin

Aradin is the one who punched Zevlor in the face. Balls on that guy.

Aradin can be a future Baldur’s Gate 3 companion. We fought side by side with him against the goblins after all.

Additionally, this guy is really popular in the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit. Together with Alfira, Gandrel, and Halsin.

13. Remira

Remira is also an another ally in the goblin fight near the druids groove gate.

Since she is a mercenary, I don’t think any reason why she wouldn’t join our party as a new companion. Besides she is cute too.

14. Rath

When Kagha’s snake killed the little tiefling Arabella, my man Rath was so pissed.

Come on mate, it is time to leave this corrupt druid cult. You can’t be a part of this anymore, without a doubt.

15. Abdirak

Isn’t this guy is the most vile Baldur’s Gate 3 NPC? He is totally a maniac. Undeniably this makes him the first companion choice for an evil playthrough in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Besides I want my special flagellation every now and then.

Thank you guys for reading my Baldur’s Gate 3 possible companions article. Please make sure to comment your thoughts and future companion expectations below.

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