Welcome to the best Baldur’s Gate 3 weapon mods list. I have recently made Baldur’s Gate 3 best armor mods list and now its about time we start talking about the awesome weapon mods.

Currently there are only 7 Baldur’s Gate 3 weapon addon worth mentioning. However, I will update this list whenever a good and new one released immediately. Alright, lets begin our best weapons list for Baldur’s Gate 3.

7. Basket Full of Equipment

This mod adds +200 gear to your game. Including weapons of course. Such as swords, spears, staves, bows, daggers, and shields.

So, total 26 new weapon can be acquired via Baldur’s Gate 3 basket full of equipment mod. Make sure to give it a try.

6. Bella’s Longbow

Bella’s bow mod adds legendary martial two handed longbow to your game. It has 1d8+3 piercing damage 24 meter range. Plus, holder of this item gains +3 weapon enchantment.

Glued together with tree sap and wrapped with cloth, the draw of this patched-up bow is less then ideal.

Even more, this longbow comes with new custom spells. Such as Bellatrix, meow, pin down, fire an arrow using bonus action, and Bella knows bows. You can get this amazing mod from its official page here.

5. Customizable Starting Equipments

Customizable starting equipments mod allows you to choose your characters starting gear. There is also an item chest at the mindflayer ship. So that you can get these equipment stuff either way. Even the items that does not exist in the early access are available, by mining the game code.

There are tons of weapons you can choose to begin your journey with. Such as staff of rain, compass spear, halsin blade, tunnel staff, true soul spear, web staff, torturer spear, goblin king war hammer, burner hand axe, blood great axe, doom axe, etc. Just don’t over do it. Because the game may become too easy and not challenging enough.

4. Longsword Handle Resizer

baldur's gate 3 sword weapon mods

Longsword handles are weirdly huge in Baldur’s Gate 3. Super long handles are not useful and not so immersive. Longsword handle resizer mod fixes this issue and makes handle sizes more reasonable.

How does it do it? The mod simply edits the mesh of the swords and long swords to the more realistic levels. Here is the link for longsword handle resizer mod.

3. Versatile Spears

This mod makes spears, staves, and several other weapons versatile. Now you can use spears, tridents, javelins and staves with shields or you can simply dual wield.

You wanna dual wield huge weapons? Or you want to use your spear and shield like a spartan warrior? By all means, versatile spears mod is just what you need.

I really enjoy using spears in role playing games. So, this dual wielding long spears is an awesome feature for me. Hey don’t be judgemental, just try it yourself and come back here.

2. Golden Staff

Golden staff mod adds this amazing staff for your mage characters. Staff gives you scorching ray of radiance spell, which allows you to hurl four rays of radiant fire. Each ray deals 1d6 fire and 1d6 radiant damage. It’s simply superior version of regular scorching ray. Also when dealing melee damage with golden staff, it deals only radiant damage.

The golden staff is forged from gold and blessed by good aligned gods. It is powerful but not overpowered. You can use it without breaking immersion. Also it looks much prettier with the night song outfit.

1. Legendary Items

Final mod on our list is called legendary items. This mod adds tons of legendary items to your game, including one handed crossbows. You can pick them from a suspicious bag in your camp.

Some of the legendary weapons coming with this mod:

  • Dragon blade.
  • Flail of pain.
  • Venom.
  • Crippling dagger.
  • Crossbow of great range.
  • Crossbow of many bolts.
  • Shield of blocking.
  • Repeating crossbow.
  • Hungering hammer.

Did you knew that the dual wielding crossbows crashes the game? Most of you probably didn’t even knew that one handed crossbows existed in the base game. This mod gives you that ultra rare one handed crossbows and fixes that crashing issue. Thus making this mod the number one Baldur’s Gate 3 weapon mod by far.

Thank you for reading our Baldur’s Gate 3 weapon mods article. Best Baldur’s Gate 3 magic mods list is also available to you on our website. By the way before you go, do tell me your favorite weapon mod on this list. Looks like that’s it, got to go.

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