Who the hell is Mizora anyway? Baldur’s Gate 3 Mizora is a devil character and companion Wyll’s patron. She is either a succubus or a cambion. Not much of a different in the end. Presently in the early access, our knowledge about her is limited. We haven’t met Mizora yet, but Wyll explained his deal with her.

Wyll was a simple farmer living on his Village. One day goblins attacked, killed everyone, took Wyll’s eye, and left him to die in his injured state. That day, Wyll vowed to heavens that he will make goblins pay for their crimes.


That is when Mizora emerged and struck a deal with Wyll. Giving him power in return of his services. Making Wyll some sort of a thrall.

With his new powers Wyll become a folk hero and blade of frontiers. But he wants out of this deal know, that is why Wyll wants to save Mizora from a drow who kidnapped her. Of course we can’t trust a cambion no matter what. I feel like saving her won’t be enough to free Wyll, we might have to kill Mizora.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Mizora Location

mizora location

Let me tell you this quickly, you won’t be able to find Mizora on act 1. Because Mizora and Wyll questline is not fully implemented yet in the early access.

In early access act 1 playthrough, we have learned that the succubus Mizora is kidnapped by a drow. She offered a deal to Wyll via sending stone in Wyll’s eye. If Wyll saves her, the deal is off. But you can never trust a cambion right? So, who is the drow who kidnapped Mizora? Could her captive be the drow Minthara? Or perhaps it was an another drow. We can’t know for sure because quest line is kinda bugged and not completed.

Is Mizora Going to be a Future Companion?

It is a possibility and a speculation. So, I say why not? Who wouldn’t want to have a succubus / cambion companion? I definitely would, so is the player base.


Companion Wyll wants to end his deal with Mizora. Either by killing her or by a deal. But there might be a twist to that story. Wyll might be trying to save Mizora and make her our new companion. Or perhaps we would have to make a choice between Wyll and Mizora. Mizora could be a companion or a side character, these are speculations after all.

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